The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 1

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Perhaps the only thing more insane than Stephin Merritt recording 69 love songs is Rusty Spell re-recording Stephin Merritt's 69 love songs. This is Volume 1.  There is also a Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Recording: 18 Apr 2000-5 Apr 2001 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg, MS. Photography: Liza Marshall. Cover Design: Rusty Spell, based on the original 69 Love Songs cover design. Total Running Time: 51.01.

All vocals by Liza Marshall and Rusty Spell. All guitar, keyboard, drums, ukulele, kazoo, fingerboard, and samples by Rusty Spell. All songs by Stephin Merritt.

Lyrics * Liner Notes * Johnny Winters Interview

"Rusty's fractured love gesture for The Magnetic Fields."

  1. Absolutely Cuckoo
  2. I Don't Believe in the Sun
  3. All My Little Words
  4. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
  5. Reno Dakota
  6. I Don't Want To Get Over You
  7. Come Back from San Franciso
  8. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
  9. Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
  10. The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
  11. I Think I Need a New Heart
  12. The Book of Love
  13. Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
  14. How Effing Romantic
  15. The One You Really Love
  16. Punk Love
  17. Parades Go By
  18. Boa Constrictor
  19. A Pretty Girl Is Like...
  20. My Sentimental Melody
  21. Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
  22. Sweet-Lovin' Man
  23. The Things We Did and Didn't Do

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Copyright (c) Apr 2001 - June 2005 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music