I Don't Remember

"In memory of all the things I forgot to do."

A few samples, thicker sounds, lyrics getting better and better. Keyboardy? You bet.

Recording: 18 Apr-10 May 1997 by Rusty Spell at Noby's House Studios and Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg MS. Cover Art and Design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Rusty Spell and Delia*s. Total Running Time: 38:43.

All vocals by Rusty Spell and Debi Spell. All keyboard and sampling by Rusty Spell. All songs by The Mnemonic Devices, lyrics and music written by Rusty Spell except: 1. Sample taken from The Sea and Cake's "The Argument"; 4. Music by The Magnetic Fields; 7. Lyrics and Music by Rheostatics; 8. Sample taken from Radiohead's "Thinking About You."

Lyrics * Liner Notes * The Johnny Winters I Don't Remember Interview


  1. Forgotten Muse -- Statements and questions about what is and what ain't. 5:33.
  2. I Like You -- Cutting past the bull. 3:59.
  3. Anyway -- When your love becomes a zombie. 4:48.
  4. Crazy -- The insanity of love. 4:29.
  5. Perfection -- When everything being seemingly right actually sucks. 5:34.
  6. Missing You -- Insomnia caused by absence. 6:09.
  7. Take Me In Your Hand -- Absolute joy in another, a delicate remake of the prettiest song ever written. 3:24.
  8. Living Forever -- Two people changing each other, showing the wonder of being alive. 3:44.
  9. Tip of My Tongue -- Total and peaceful recall... before drifting off to sleep and forgetting it all in the morning. :42.

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Copyright (c) May 1997 - Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music