Experiments and Outtakes


A collection of experimental recordings, outtakes from various albums, and (yes) answering machine messages from Rusty Spell and friends. Features things from Synthetic Fibers, Rusty Spell, The Mnemonic Devices, and other pals.

Recording: 1994-18 Apr 1998 by Rusty Spell, Kevin Young, and Julie Scott at Love and Letters Studios, Noby's House Studios, and Julie's House in Pearl and Hattiesburg MS and WS. Cover Art and Design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Debi Spell. Total Running Time: 56:04.

Vocals by Lori Burton, Tommy Burton, Julie Scott, Rusty Spell, and Debi Spell. All guitar, keyboard, harmonica, and accordian by Rusty Spell except: 4. Keyboard by Rusty Spell and Kevin Young. All piano by Julie Scott. All songs by Rusty Spell, lyrics and music by him except: 4. Music by Kevin Young and Rusty Spell; 11. Lyrics and music by Pavement; 12. Lyrics and music by The Magnetic Fields.

Lyrics * Liner Notes * The Johnny Winters Love and Letters Studios Interview

"That weird stuff you find hidden all around the place in life. Collected here to spoil the wonder... or simpifly access to it."

  1. Alpha -- Demo version of song from a symphony by Synthetic Fibers that never existed. Features Dr. Sbaitso on lead vocals. 2:34.
  2. I Like You, Too -- Hamfisted recording of The Mnemonic Devices' "I Like You" by Rusty and Debi. 5:09.
  3. Happy Birthday To Rusty -- Lori Berkemeyer's answering machine birthday message. Rusty plays piano. :22.
  4. Afrikain (Rusty Track Version) -- The extra drum track version Rusty added to this Synthetic Fibers song by Kevin Young. 2:09.
  5. This Time (Instrumental) -- The instrumental version of "This Time" with extended music part. 4:33.
  6. Crazy -- The original Tommy Burton version of The Mnemonic Devices song. 4:37.
  7. Tommy Finishes Rusty's Novel -- Tommy's answering machine message informing Rusty that he finished Rusty's first novel, When Sunday Arrives. 1:00.
  8. Staying -- The first song Rusty recorded with his Yamaha PSR-330 (using it's built-in recording device). A country song that deserves to be on a real album. 5:17.
  9. This Time -- Echoey guitar song of depression. 2:08.
  10. Anyway -- Original Lori Burton version of The Mnemonic Devices song. 4:48.
  11. Shady Lane -- Bobby McFerrin-style version of the Pavement song. 2:21.
  12. Lovers from the Moon -- The Merritt song featuring a zillion instruments (including, for the first time by Rusty, accordian) and devious recording methods. 2:27.
  13. Speed Message -- Answering machine message recorded by tape player whose batteries were going down. Somehow the funniest thing in the world. 1:42.
  14. Jimi Harmonica -- Harmonica run through guitar heavy metal distortion pedal. 2:50.
  15. Perfection (and Lolly) -- Original vocalist, Julie Scott, singing The Mnemonic Devices song, recording strangely for technical reasons, not quite perfect in the end. Features Julie playing "Lolly." 10:35.
  16. Rock-a-Bye Moon (Yamaha Version) -- The epic version of The Mnemonic Devices future release. Rusty and Debi. 3:32.

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Copyright (c) Apr 1998 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music