Rusty Spell: Experiments and Outtakes

written by Rusty Spell

Welcome to Experiments and Outtakes by Rusty Spell. Rusty Spell and Friends to be more specific on this album. There's just as much non-Rusty stuff as there is Rusty stuff. This album is full of... 1. Experiments: Things that Rusty messed around with using various non-traditional devices. Also this album has... 2. Outtakes: Things that didn't quite make it to other albums, but which are well worth having here. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Who am I? I am Doctor Sbaitso. By Creative Labs. I cannot pronounce certain things very well. I cannot pronounce the word mistaken. Example sentence: You must be mistaken. I cannot pronounce the name of my favorite band either. Tortoise. Tortoise is a great band, but I can't pronounce Tortoise. Tortoise. Perhaps they should change their name to Turtle.

Great tasting chicken must be fried. That is perhaps my favorite sentence in the English language. Either that or this one: You must be mistaken that Tortoise has clitoris. They don't have sexy stuffs.

That's all for now. You are listening to Alpha, an outtake from a symphonic piece that does not exist.

I love you. I can't help loving you. You are all the world to me. I need you. I want to undress you with my main frame and co-ox your dipoid system.

Enjoy the music. Help yourself.

I Like You Too
written by Rusty Spell

Turn away. I don't want you to see me, 'cause it's hard to be so honest. Day by day, I'm thinking lots about you, and I've tried to make it stop. But I must say there's no other way: I know I've got to give in if I want to keep on livin'.

(So) (Yeah) (And) I like you. Junior-highish as it sounds, I just have to get it out: I like you. And that's all that I can say; you can answer any way: I like you.

So you say? I've been holding something in, banging my head on wooden bedknobs. No more play. I'm sick of all these riddles, all this garbage, all this nonsense. And by the way, the news today is there is no mistaken all these feelings that are shakin'.

Clear away the path of all that's not worthy... Destroy those bad euphemisms: they're like scurvy... We're gonna make this fake world much more real, more topsy-turvy... And I like you (I like you, too).

Happy Birthday To Rusty

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Rusty. Happy birthday to you.

written by Rusty Spell and Kevin Young

This Time (Instrumental)
written by Rusty Spell

Crazy (Tommy Version)
written by Rusty Spell

When she wore a white dress, it snowed. This was Atlanta in the middle of the Summertime; it showed that she was unique. She was the center of the universe. She held the heavens in her purse.

I've gone crazy, or I am in love with her. Either way, I'm simply not the same. Patrick Swayze could never play this part. You need a better actor to play me. (Yes, you need a better actor to play me.)

When she took my Polaroid, I froze. I didn't even know I had a soul until she stole it away from me. And now my life is resting in her picturebook. And I'm afraid to have a look.

'Cause now I'm not exactly sane. I've never seen this In another man. And if I'm with her another day, I am afraid they're gonna put me away.

Tommy Finishes Rusty's Novel
adlibbed by Tommy Burton
Spoken Word

written by Rusty Spell

I've been lonely forever even though you're right here next to me. And I know that we'll never be what you always thought we'd be. But the fire in your eyes is taking me by surprise. Do you wanna go on that dusty train tomorrow without me?

I'm not tired of remaining. I'm here so long my papers have yellowed away. Am I sick of complaining that everyone decided not to stay? Are we young or are we old? Is something left untold? Is it you or am I the one who wants to die in your arms?

Well, at night while we are praying for our friends living out in the east. I know in my heart you are staying. You're staying with me.

My brother, he phoned me. Said NYC was bigger than himself. I knew he would haunt me with his line of first place trophies on the shelf. He always said he cared for us when we were scared. But I only guess he called because he thought our lives were stalled. And so does she.

This Time
written by Rusty Spell

Oh, my. This time I know that I'm gonna die.

But I don't know, know the minute. I just know what I'm in. But I know all the reasons, and I know we will rot.

Anyway (Lori Version)
written by Rusty Spell

Why do you suddenly cry when I kiss you? Why do you say goodbye, and I miss you? Why is it at night when you should be holding me tight, you stay awake by yourself in the armchair?

Why do you drive at night when it's raining? Why do you make it sound like complaining? Why don't we go out? You need the time, no doubt. But you would rather die very slowly.

You need to tell me, or you'll risk it; I'll just walk away. You made a promise, now you're proving yourself wrong. It's not a matter of who you are or what you say. I'll love you anyway. I'll love you anyway.

Six o'clock at night and I'm hurting. At least I know for sure you're not flirting. But worse, you're all alone, unhooked your telephone. And now our history rests in the basement.

What made you lose your grip of the handle? Why is your light as dim as a candle? I shouldn't even care. You're nothing but a stare. You're simply a robot made of paper.

I guess I'll go now; there's no point; there's nothing more to say. I've lived the lyrics far to long to this song. It's so pathetic: You're unmolded, you're just hardened clay. I would have loved you anyway. I would have loved you anyway.

Shady Lane
written by Pavement

Blind date with a chancer, we have oysters and dry lancers, and the check--when it arrived--we went dutch dutch dutch dutch. A redder shade of neck on a whiter shade of trash, and this emery boards is giving me a rash.

I'm flat out. You're so beautiful to look at when you cry. Freeze. Don't move. You've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life.

A shady lane, everybody wants one. A shady lane, everybody needs one. Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God. Oh my God oh your God oh her God. It's everybody's God it's everybody's God it's everybody's God it's everybody's God. The worlds collide, but all that I want is a shady lane.

Glance, don't stare. Soon you're being told to recognize your heirs. No, not me. I'm an island of such great complexity. Distress surrounds in the muddy peaceful center of this town. Tell me off in the hotel lobby right in front of all the bellboys and the over friendly concierge.

Jimi Harmonica
written by Rusty Spell

written by Rusty Spell

I think I'd explode if you connected with my mind. I think our commode is unexpectedly tidy. And I wish to deflate this current image of you. And I want to relate to those who feel nothing new.

I can't grasp the greatness that is going on around. I can't hardly wait; our garden's growing in the back yard. And I feel arms around me and I am a helpless mass. And I envy the neighbor 'cause he has the paler grass.

Everything is just too great. Everything is just too wonderful. Everything is going fine. Perfection feeds upon my mind.

I know you're the cutest, you're the finest, you're a doll. I know what the rule is, that the garbage comes on Tuesdays. And I am simply crumbling when you kiss and you adore. And I would feel much better if you'd slap and you'd abhor.

Shake perfection out the bag. Stomp upon it like a hag.

Rock-a-Bye Moon
written by Rusty Spell

The earth is all alone and hanging by a chain, a pendant to be stolen, a locket filled with pain. We weigh so much down here, we'll never float away, the only one that's blue among the Milky Way.

But, oh, for me and you to leave here very soon. We'll fall asleep so quickly in the crescent of the rock-a-bye moon. We'll eat cheese every night while going through a phase. We'll see by the sunlight, but never see the days.

We are so close to love. We are so close to war. We're stuck right in the middle and don't know what they're for. We go around in circles. We do it every year. We think we're getting somewhere, but end up right back here.

But, oh, for me and you to leave here very soon. We'll fall asleep so quickly in the crescent of the rock-a-bye moon. We'll summon up Apollo, his oracle, and then we'll slowly count our numbers, we'll end at one from ten.

But, oh, for me and you to leave here very soon. We'll fall asleep so quickly in the crescent of the rock-a-bye moon. The sea there is so tranquil, the perfect place to hide. No one will see our footprints if we live on the dark side.

Copyright (c) Jun 1998 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music