The Mnemonic Devices: Sparkling Objective Correlatives

"Our enormous heartbreaking celebration."

Flawless performances by the smartest and prettiest English majors around. You can dance or you can cry, it matters not to us.

Recording: 15 Feb 2002 - 2 Apr 2002 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg, MS. Cover Design: Rusty Spell. Cover Art: Carrie Hoffman for Scruffy Designs. Photography: Barry Beard, Liza Marshall, and Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 42.35.

All vocals by Kim Chinquee, Pia Ehrhardt, Carrie Hoffman, Paula Leffmann, Kristina Lucenko, Liza Marshall, Rusty Spell, and Amy Wilkinson. All keyboard, sampling, and Theremin by Rusty Spell. All songs by The Mnemonic Devices, lyrics and music written by Rusty Spell.

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1. Teddy Ruxpin -- Fictional character Kyle Ferguson's hit song of cute love. Amy. 3.42
2. Whassername -- Free guy who now wants to mark tallies on scorecard. Rusty. 3.33
3. Music Box -- Old love wanting to be older. Pia and Rusty. 3.08
4. Hubba Hubba -- Strapping male and buxom woman proclaim their attractiveness. Carrie and Rusty. 3.36
5. My Jerry -- Forced love, tables turned, waltz. Paula and Rusty. 3.29
6. Roxanne -- The long tradition of Roxannes in music continues. Liza and Rusty. 3.58
7. The Snake Charmer -- A song about a snake charmer, if you like. Rusty. 3.27
8. Just For You -- Don't listen if depressed, yet pretty. Kristina. 3.56
9. Make It Funky -- Solution to age-old complaints. Liza and Rusty. 3.40
10. Jenny -- The name "Rusty" loses all meaning, or gains what wasn't there. Carrie with Rusty. 2.23
11. Oh But Why -- Dreaming of someone who is not you, sorry. Kim with Rusty. 3.41
12. Everything About Me -- Lovely love song, cause can't help it. Liza. 3.20

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Copyright (c) Apr 2002 - Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music