"Christmas at Wartime"

Not to do two holiday songs in a row or anything, but this is the first Christmas song from The Strawberry Explosion... and a karoke version of "I Walk the Line" recorded at Sun Studios.

Recording: 11 Dec 2004 - 14 Jan 2005 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Edinburg TX and Hattiesburg MS and by Hipster Bingo at Sun Studios in Memphis TN. Cover design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Carrie Hoffman and Rusty Spell. Total running time: 19:39.

Vocals by Carrie Hoffman and Rusty Spell. Keyboard, acoustic guitar, and handclaps by Rusty Spell. Songs by Rusty Spell except: 5. Johnny Cash.

Lyrics. Liner Notes.


1. Single Version [2:23] -- Although an original Christmas song, ABBA fans will note that it's a blatant rip-off of their underrated tune "As Good As New."
2. Chipmunk Version [5:21] -- Another chipmunk version, the most dramatic so far.
3. Robot Version [3:28] -- Christmas in the future.
4. MIDI Version [2:20] -- Because everyone loves those twinkly MIDIs.
5. "I Walk the Line" [2:45] -- Recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis TN only weeks after Topher Grace recorded his karaoke single.
6. Slow Version [3:19] -- Taking it down for y'all this Christmas season.

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Copyright (c) Jan 2005 - Feb 2005 by The Strawberry Explosion and Love and Letters Music