"Christmas at Wartime"

written by Rusty Spell

How I hated that year that you left,
When you got on the plane to go,
When you packed your bags and walked out in the snow.
Though I knew that you would come back,
And you loved me, and wanted to spend the holidays with me,
I still missed you, but now I want you to know…

It’s Christmastime, and you are mine,
I know that it will be that way forever.
It’s Christmastime. Break out the wine.
I’m so happy that we’re happy here together.

Oh, it’s Christmastime. And you’re so fine,
Even finer than the Christmases before, love.
It’s Christmastime. You are divine.
You’re an angel, you’re a goddess, you’re unheard of.

Oh, and I know. I hated it too.
I never wanted to leave you, my dear.
But duty called, and war time was so near.
It was the worst year of my life.
All alone, my gun and me, and boy I really missed my wife.
I knew things would different by next year.

Now it’s Christmastime, and you are mine,
And keeping it that way is my intention.
It’s Christmas time. My baby shines,
Cause our love has taken on a new dimension.

Oh, it’s Christmastime. You are sublime.
Edmund Burke and Kant were writing of our love light.
It’s Christmastime, so sound a chime.
Let the world know that our love it is a grand sight.

Yeah, it’s Christmastime. No longer pine.
From now on we’ll spend our Christmases together.
It’s Christmastime. Thank God you’re mine.
I’m so happy that I’ll be with you forever.

Copyright (c) Jan 2005 by The Strawberry Explosion and Love and Letters Music