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Rusty's big idea to do cover tunes on a Casio keyboard. Recorded by Rusty in two hours in his room. Some worked, some didn't work: they're all here.

Recording: 13 Nov 1996 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg, MS. Cover Art, Design, and Photography: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 42:29.

All vocals and keyboard by Rusty Spell. All songs by the artists covered.

Lyrics * Liner Notes

"Fun and cheesy, and will probably make fans of these songs really angry."

  1. Panoramic Lens -- Julia Pietrus's first song off her first solo album. 1:00.
  2. Valentine -- By Lois, but covered more in the tradition of Small Factory. 2:34.
  3. I Like To Eat Food -- The 'nikcuS standard, covered in a very loving way. 2:22.
  4. If You've Got Trouble -- A song by The Beatles that only appears on Anthology 2. 2:41.
  5. You Can Close Your Eyes -- James Taylor covered with funky 16 beat. 1:50.
  6. Sugar World -- By The Magnetic Fields, altered slightly since they sound like Casios anyway sometimes. 2:20.
  7. Synthetic Fibers (The Song) -- Another version of this song originally by Synthetic Fibers. 8:05.
  8. Peurto Rico Way -- By The 6ths, another cheery tune. 3:31.
  9. Stop Whispering -- From Radiohead's first album, sung here very high. 4:32.
  10. Stand -- By R.E.M. A samba version of an old favorite. 2:10.
  11. Please -- By The Mnemonic Devices, and very much like this song sounded in the preliminary stages, with just Rusty and a flute. 2:47.
  12. Jealousy -- From Natalie Merchant's solo debut and her third single. 1:38.
  13. Dead Is the Drunkest You Can Get -- A Rheostatics song that hadn't actually made it to a real album yet, even though it's one of the best. 2:23.
  14. Till My Head Falls Off -- From They Might Be Giants, a good closer to this album of covers. 4:02.

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Copyright (c) Nov 1996 - Feb 2005 by Rusty W. Spell and Love and Letters Music