Rusty Spell: Covers By Casio

Panoramic Lens
written by Julia Pietrus

What I don't understand is how I can continue to insist that this is happening. If it gets too wild, I'll sue the school. If the battery on my dad's camcorder worked, I'd take it and make a movie of my life and when I played it back, well, there'd be nothing but a couple drowned off the coast of Newfoundland, a postcard which was completely covered in monsters, and a cat whose name should have been Janet and not Eleanor. I will buy a panoramic lens with the guilt money my godfather gave me and make you a part of the movie too.

written by Lois

Sometimes you see her, and you can't look away. You just can't help it, being held in this way. You want to/Why can't you shout it, but it takes too much time. Why can't you know it right away? Be my valentine.

And so you follow as she walks on ahead. A certain feeling like you're born, now drop dead. You gotta have it, and you pull it all down. A single moment, we'll tear up this town.

It's a big old house and there's not much room, but there's nothing that I wouldn't say to you.

I Like To Eat Food
adlibbed by Noby Nobriga

Give me a cheeseburger and some fries and a Coke for my ice. But best of all, every night I go out to the Rally's or Wendy's or MacE Dee's. I buy me some food. I like to eat food all night long. All night long.

I like roast beef sandwiches from Arby's. That's the place with that Arby's Sauce. It's really BBQ sauce, no really kind of real sauce, just special BBQ sauce. But it's really good, 'cause I like to eat food all the time, with potato chips and rotel dip. It's all so fine. I like to eat food. You Freud dude. Food.

If You've Got Trouble
written by The Beatles

If you've trouble, then you've got less trouble than me. You say you're worried, you can't be as worried as me. You're quite content to be bad with all the advantage you had over me. Just 'cause you're trouble then don't bring your troubles to me.

I don't think it's funny when you ask for money and things, especially when you're standing there wearing diamonds and rings. You think I'm soft in the head, but try someone softer instead, pretty thing. It's not so funny when you know what money can bring.

You better leave me alone. I don't need a thing from you. You better take yourself home. Go in town, a ring or two.

(Ah, rock on, anybody!)

You Can Close Your Eyes
written by James Taylor

Well, the sun is surely inking down, but the moon is slowly rising, so this whole world must still be spinning round, and I still love you.

So close your eyes. You can close your eyes. It's all right. 'Cause I don't know no love songs, and I can't sing the blues anymore. But I can sing this song, and you can sing this song when I'm gone.

It won't be long before another day. We're gonna have a good time. And no one's gonna take that time away. You can stay as long as you like.

Sugar World
written by The Magnetic Fields

Please forgive me for all the things I've done. Sugar, give me the love I need to carry on. Living without you I'd just die. With you, I can hold my head up high and tell the crowd that I'm so proud it makes me want to cry.

Sugar world of you. Sugar world what can I do? Sugar world you're so sweet. You're a sugar world to me. You're champagne or ruhr wine. Will you make up your mind? You're lemon or you're lime. You're pecan or praline. You're sky bar or cloud nine.

Sugar, save me. Come on save me from myself. Enslave me. I never wanted anything else. Looking into your candy eyes. Talking about the day when I can make a vow but that's not now it makes me want to cry.

Synthetic Fibers (The Song)
written by Noby Nobriga and Rusty Spell

Puerto Rico Way
written by The 6ths

The sun pissing in the streets of some hung over place dances with two left feet upon her face. But soft! She is fast asleep beneath her mosquitoes. You would never want to know what she knows.

I met a girl down Puerto Rico way with an eye as true as steel. And the hair grew red upon her head. Oh, love, it would have been ideal. The summer air down Puerto Rico way is as hot as it can be, but the orchestra plays night and day. Martina, will you dance with me?

She's drunk every single day. She's young most of the time. She's spent all of the rent on her decline. She's fun, fun to be around. She's done everything once. She's a fallen woman, fallen sound asleep in the sun.

Stop Whispering
written by Radiohead

And the wise said, "I don't wanna hear your voice." And the thin man said, "I don't wanna hear your voice." And they're cursing me, and they won't let me be, and there's nothing to say, and there's nothing to do.

Stop whispering, start shouting.

And my mind is slowly spins on the sun some more. And the building slowly fills and fades some more. And the feeling is that there's something wrong, 'cause I can't find the words, and I can't find the songs.

Dear sir, I have a complaint. What's the matter with me?

written by R.E.M.

Stand in the place where you live (now face north). Think about direction, wonder why you haven't. Now stand in the place where you were (now face west). Think about the place where you live, wonder you haven't before.

If you are confused, check with the sun. Carry a compass to help you along. Your feet are going to be on the ground. Your head is there to move you around, so...

Your feet are going to be on the ground. Your head is there to move you around. If wishes were trees, the trees would be falling. Listen to reason, the season is calling.

written by The Mnemonic Devices

I sometimes think our lovelife is insane, not hard to plot on the Cartesian plane. Were spontaneity there, we'd probably get more done, not needing clocks to time the setting sun.

I sometimes wish that you would marry me, so simple to get down upon one knee. You should throw away ideas of your discarded world. It was you who said I was your favorite girl.

I sometimes think I should listen to my friends, though their boring conversation never ends. You were the very one who first took me away, but you brought me back, and now you want to stay.

Please... Let's go... I'm tired... Please... Let's stop... I'm wired... Please... My mind... Is gone... Please... Sing me... new songs...

I sometimes think that I have tried too hard, like hurling all your notebooks in the yard. I could try to settle myself into this disenchanted land. My senses would dull, but at least I wouldn't understand.

I sometimes wish that joy did not use change. My living without both is no longer strange. You'd flicker and you'd shine whenever I would dance. But your light is off, and you won't give it a chance.

Please... Don't say... It's done... Please... Need me... I'm young... Please... Though I... Know why... Please... Before... I die...

written by Natalie Merchant

Ooooh, jealousy. Ooooh, my jealousy. Yeah.

Is she fine, so well bred, the perfect girl, a social deb? Is she the sort you've always thought would make you what you're not?

Is she bright, so well bred? Are there novels by her bed? Is she the sort you've always said could satisfy your head?

Does she talk the way I do? Is her voice reminding you of the promises, the little white lies too? Sometimes, tell me, while she's touching you, just by mistake, accidentally do you say my name?

Dead Is the Drunkest You Can Get
written by Rheostatics

Dead is the drunkest that you can get, though I haven't got that drunk yet. I'm just so mean and wild, just like a child.

Where are you going tonight? Where are you going tonight? And he said, "I'm gonna get into a fight, throw some heads around." What's it like doing that? How come? What's it like? What's it like? He said, "I just--I don't think about it. It just feels good."

Till My Head Falls Off
written by They Might Be Giants

There were 87 Advil in the bottle, now there's 30 left. I ate 47, so what happened to the other 10? Why do you suspiciously change the subject and break my concentration as I dump the bottle out and I count the Advil up again?

Don't interrupt me as I struggle to complete this thought. Have some respect for someone more forgetful for yourself. And I'm not done and I won't be till my head falls off.

Hitting every pocket on my shirt, pants, and overcoat. And I'm hitting them again, but I don't know where I put my notes. Clearing my throat and gripping the lectern I smile and face my audience while he's smiling with his hands gripping down on the bathroom sink.

And when I lean my head against the frosted shower stall, I see a broken figure silhouetted on the wall. And I'm not done and I won't be till my head falls off. Though it may not be a long way off.

I'm not done talking yet...

Copyright (c) Jun 1998 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music