The Mnemonic Devices: Boys Can Be Pretty Too EP

"Men are such women."

The third EP, heavy on the crazy arrangements, with some prettiness thrown in.

Recording: 23 Jul 2003 - 7 Sep by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Edinburg TX and Liza Marshall at Liza's apartment in Austin TX. Cover Design and Photography: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 13.50.

Vocals by Liza Marshall and Rusty Spell. Keyboard by Rusty Spell. Songs by Rusty Spell except: 3. The Frogs.

Lyrics * Liner Notes


1. Take Me Down (To the Bad Part of Town) Introduction -- The meditation. Instrumental. 2.14
2. Take It Higher -- Love acts as hot air balloon. Liza and Rusty. 4.08
3. She Was a Mortal -- The incompatibility of women and gods. Rusty. 2.36
4. Young James -- Older women sometimes don't make good lovers. Liza. 3.08
5. Take Me Down (To the Bad Part of Town) Conclusion -- What happens when you get there. Rusty. 1.33

'nSProd-53 LLM-33 TMD-9

Copyright (c) Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music