Boys Can Be Pretty Too EP

Take Me Down (To the Bad Part of Town) Introduction

Take It Higher
written by Rusty Spell

Let my love take you higher than you've ever been before.

Are you still mine?  Can we recline?  Dinner and wine?  Romantic, divine?

No, but you're mine.  We can recline.  Dinner and wine.  Romantic, divine.

This time.

She Was a Mortal
written by The Frogs

She came from earth, and I came from the gods.  To hell with her.  To hell with the odds.  She believed in ghosts.  She didn't believe in gods.  But what hurt the most was a great big lightning rod.

And now she's gone.  Where did she go?  Her ghost was sold, cause she was a mortal...

She came from earth, and I came from the gods.  To hell with this verse.  To hell with the gods.

Young James
written by Rusty Spell

Though I care for you, and would not dare hurt you, I'm aware that you are not wise enough for me.  If I'm breaking your heart as a way of teaching you a lesson, then start to learn that lesson well, young James.

To my door you came, Watchtowers in your hand, and though you seemed so tame, I knew I wanted you.  It was tempting, you know. You were so young I had to give it a go.  But now you must leave me, young James.

You say you won’t find a lady like me, but it’s all in your mind.  I’m not a lady at all.  I’m a woman, dear boy. And you’re just a little thing that once brought me joy.  I believe that will be all, young James.

Take Me Down (To the Bad Part of Town) Conclusion
written by Rusty Spell

Take me down to the bad part of town now.  You're lost, but you'll be found.

Copyright (c) Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music