The Mnemonic Devices: All This Wasted Beauty

"I will madly love you, through the end of time."

This album tries to jump all over the place while being held tightly in place by obsessions about the end of the world, extreme longing, and loving desperately.

Recording: 24 Jun-3 Aug 1998 and 9 Jul-2 Sep 1999 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Diamondhead and Hattiesburg, MS. Cover Design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Rusty Spell and Friends. Total Running Time: 44.09.

All vocals by Lori Burton, Nyleva Corley, Mindy Espey, T.O., Brittany Schafer, Tricia Sherrer, and Rusty Spell. All keyboard and samples by Rusty Spell. All songs by The Mnemonic Devices, lyrics and music written by Rusty Spell except: 1. Lyrics and music by The Halo Benders; 8. Lyrics and music by Love, Execution Style.

Lyrics * Liner Notes * Rusty's Response to All This Wasted Beauty


  1. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain -- The Halo Benders song, as savage as you feel. Rusty. 6:19.
  2. Finally -- Chasing and loving reincarnations through eternity. Mindy. 4:51.
  3. There Is You -- Only love matters in the face of decay. Lori. 6:00.
  4. He'll Never Say Goodbye -- Breaking the cool wall, embracing the warmth. Nyleva and Rusty. 5:00.
  5. Should I Talk Slower? -- The effect a love can have on you. T. with Brittany. 4:03.
  6. The Machine -- Failing to stall death with a hallucinogenic time machine. Rusty. 4:09.
  7. I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry -- Isolation in a crowd at the end of time. Tricia. 3:59.
  8. Pearl Necklace -- Love, Execution Style song, mumbling the beautiful. Rusty. 1:19.
  9. She Won't Find Us Here -- Freedom from past prowling eyes. Rusty with Lori. 3:15.
  10. Sprite-Like -- All this wasted beauty. Rusty. 1:32.
  11. Go With Me -- I will go anywhere if you will go with me. Brittany and Rusty. 3:14.

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Copyright (c) Aug 1999 - Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music