20th Century Literary Problem

"A musical and lyrical outing, not quite happy and not quite sad, between a boy and a girl."

The first album by The Mnemonic Devices, a perfect little album heavily inspired by The Magnetic Fields. All tinkly and keyboardy and literary and gay.

Recording: 8 Jun-5 Oct 1996 by Noby Nobriga and Rusty Spell at Noby's House Studios in Pearl, MS and Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg, MS. Cover Art and Design: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 41.04.

All vocals by Rusty Spell and Debi Spell. All keyboard by Rusty Spell. All songs by The Mnemonic Devices, lyrics and music written by Rusty Spell except: 3. Music by The Magnetic Fields; 4,9,10. Lyrics and music by The Magnetic Fields.

Lyrics * Liner Notes * The Johnny Winters 20th Century Literary Problem Interview * Review by Lori Burton


  1. I Used Up All Your Icons -- A happy lament to times gone by. 3:55.
  2. I Keep Falling In Love -- A true story, how easy it is to fall in love. 4:19.
  3. You Need To Awaken -- Talking about blue. 2:39.
  4. Swinging London (Never Go Back) -- We'll never do that again. 4:41.
  5. Is That the Same Moon? -- A sappy homage to the spark love puts in your brain. 2:19.
  6. Please -- A sad woman standing by her man when she probably shouldn't. 5:18.
  7. All Alone -- Carelessness again. 3:51.
  8. I Love My Feet -- Fake views of yourself based on the norms of the different. 5:04.
  9. 100KF -- Instrumental madness. 3:49.
  10. Suddenly There Is a Tidal Wave -- And everything is swept out to sea. 4:44.

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Copyright (c) Oct 1996 - Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music