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Tommy Burton's second solo album, but the first one he was proud enough of to put his picture on the front. Perhaps you like good songwriting; if so, you'll like this.

Recording: 20 May-8 Jun 2003 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Pearl, MS and Edinburg, TX. Cover design: Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell. Photography: Danny McGreger and others. Total running time: 43:39.

Tommy Burton: lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar. Rusty Spell: backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, harmonica, accordian, snare drum, egg shaker, handclaps. Vocal arrangements: Tommy
Burton and Rusty Spell. All songs by Tommy Burton, lyrics and music written by him.

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1. Back To the Clique [3:05]
2. Lindsay's Alright [4:00]
3. I Turned Around [2:13]
4. Lie To Me [3:00]
5. Another Love Song [4:35]
6. Out of My League [3:17]
7. Burning Bridges [3:09]
8. Hope You're Doing Fine [2:22]
9. From Above [5:02]
10. New Blues [2:52]
11. Your New Prospect [3:23]
12. You're Better Off Without Me [4:02]

'nSProd-43 LLM-25 TB-2

Copyright (c) Jun 2003 by Tommy Burton and Love and Letters Music