"The Story of
The Strawberry Explosion"

Carrie Hoffman and Rusty Spell feel that they have a mission to spread the joy. Their band The Strawberry Explosion is part of that joy.

Part of the idea of the band is that no one wants to wait around for years or even months for joy, so The Strawberry Explosion make singles and releases them as soon as they're done. They fill the discs with many versions of the song (and sometimes other songs) so that you're not left with that empty feeling after the perfect song ends.

And perfect songs are what The Strawberry Explosion is after. Their first single was Phil Spector's "Then He Kissed Me," which was meant to be a template for the original work to come later. Upbeat, catchy, happy, danceable, and joyous: this is what the Explosion is after.

So look for shiny prettily-packaged jewel-cased singles often. They'd like to do one a month, but they'll at least do as many as they can. When there's enough singles to fill a CD (probably twelve), the Strawberries will release a singles collection as well as possibly a DVD of videos for every song. Didn't we mention joy?

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