The true title for this page should be "Live?" Can The Mnemonic Devices ever truly play live? Technically, no. Rusty Spell of The Mnemonic Devices is the official billing for any live show, and TMD only truly exist in album form, but that doesn't stop Rusty from recruiting live versions of Mnemonic Devicettes to pretty up his shows... all the while being a live version of himself, approximating the perfection of TMD songs on forbidden TMD instruments such as (shudder!) guitars.

These are the live Mnemonic Devicettes, what they sang, and how many times they sang them:

Kim Chinquee -- Performed "Missing You" (twice).

Pia Z. Ehrhardt -- Performed "Don't Go There."

Paula Leffman -- Performed "Should I Talk Slower?" and "Have a Nice Day."

Kristina Lucenko -- Performed "Our Hurricane" (twice).

Liza Marshall -- Performed "My Ex-Boyfriend's House" (twice), "Cherries, " "Make It Funky," "Teddy Ruxpin," "Oh But Why," "Roxanne," and "Everything About Me."

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