the immaculate biography

what we are is something cute, something twee, something homemade, more indie than indie, supercuddlecore, left of beat happening and the mountain goats and the moldy peaches (all those overproduced wankers). only not what you expect. horrible adlibs, horrible instrument playing, an unprofessional mess, worse than the ka-9's on a bad day. we originally thought we might be real, but then we decided to be less than fake, recording those bursts of song that aren't great or anything, but once you're done, you say, "i wish we would have recorded that." we recorded exactly that. but we're not yo! mahma: we're not stupid. we're intelligent beautiful people making intelligent beautiful music that really is music even though you won't think it is for the first few minutes until you realize it's the best music you've ever heard. we'll massage your back like mr. happy.

furthermore, we are liza and rusty (that's liza sleepwalking up there), and we like acoustic guitars, ukuleles (aka "baby guitars"), the world's smallest tambourine, egg shakers, and toy beat boxes. we recorded our first album to and from the gulf coast of mississippi where we gambled money and ate at the backyard burger and piccadilly. to tell more would give away the first album, which is a story in itself.

Copyright (c) Jun 2002 by The Immaculate Conceptions and Love and Letters Music