"That Boy"
liner notes


Rusty kinda likes the Raveonettes, even if he's not crazy about them.  They're kindred spirits anyway in a certain love for things like songs about girls loving biker boys, so they were inspiration for this song, which was written and recorded really quickly.

"The Abortion Graveyard" was recorded back in November and didn't fit on "My Humps," so we put it here.  There's a picture of the graveyard in question on the back cover.  We've giving it the thumbs up and loving it.

"City Boy" and "The Ogre at Easter" came about like a lot of our B-sides: messing with pitch-shifts and other audio effects.  Carrie's good at these stories.  That's a picture of the ogre on the inside cover.  It was a cracked Easter egg that we dyed anyway.

We did the "Nell Version" because we'd just seen it.  Lucky for you, we didn't let it go on too long.

The next time we record a song, we probably won't be in a "long-distance relationship" anymore, so look forward to even more happy joy in the next single.

Carrie did the cover.  For additional fun, here are some alternate covers Carrie made:


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