The Johnny Winters Stick It Somewhere Interview

Johnny Winters: [on the phone] Rusty? Can I interview you for the new Love and Letters rarities collection?

Rusty Spell: [on the other end] What? No.

JW: Why not?

RS: I've done a commentary on the CD. It's the first audio commentary for a CD that I know about.

JW: Aren't those usually done for DVDs?

RS: Yes.

JW: Does a CD need a commentary?

RS: Mine does, because it's never been done before. And does a DVD need one?

JW: Maybe. Can I still do an interview?

RS: No. I said everything already.

JW: Can I interview you about the commentary?

RS: [long pause] No. No. I thought about it, but no.

JW: Can I get a quote?

RS: [hangs up]

Copyright (c) Sep 2002 by Love and Letters Music and Johnny Winters