There Are Songs That Now Exist

This is a list of the songs Rusty Spell has written or adlibbed. The focus is on the lyrics, so there actually may be more songs, either instrumental or to which Rusty created the music. The list is divided into two sections, written and adlibbed, and the songs are placed roughly in chronological order. In brackets is listed the band for which Rusty created the song, along with additional authors. No unreleased songs are listed.

Soon I will list other songs Rusty was involved in non-lyrically.


  1. A.D. 93 ['nikcuS]
  2. My Mississippi Missus ['nikcuS]
  3. Trance Groove '95 ['nikcuS]
  4. Box 6779 [Rusty Spell]
  5. Berky [Rusty Spell]
  6. She [Rusty Spell]
  7. Blue [Rusty Spell]
  8. No Way of Knowing [Rusty Spell]
  9. Little Girl [Rusty Spell]
  10. Reprise [Rusty Spell]
  11. I Used Up All Your Icons [The Mnemonic Devices]
  12. I Keep Falling In Love [The Mnemonic Devices]
  13. You Need To Awaken [The Mnemonic Devices]
  14. Swinging London (Never Go Back) [The Mnemonic Devices, with The Magnetic Fields]
  15. Is That the Same Moon? [The Mnemonic Devices]
  16. Please [The Mnemonic Devices]
  17. All Alone [The Mnemonic Devices]
  18. I Love My Feet [The Mnemonic Devices]
  19. Forgotten Muse [The Mnemonic Devices]
  20. I Like You [The Mnemonic Devices]
  21. Anyway [The Mnemonic Devices]
  22. Crazy [The Mnemonic Devices]
  23. Perfection [The Mnemonic Devices]
  24. Missing You [The Mnemonic Devices]
  25. Living Forever [The Mnemonic Devices]
  26. Staying [Rusty Spell]
  27. This Time [Rusty Spell]
  28. The Emperor's New Song [The Mnemonic Devices]
  29. Dreams In a Jar [The Mnemonic Devices]
  30. Cut It Out [The Mnemonic Devices]
  31. Beautiful [The Mnemonic Devices]
  32. Cacophony [The Mnemonic Devices]
  33. Our Hurricane [The Mnemonic Devices]
  34. Christmas Afternoon [The Mnemonic Devices]
  35. I've Got To Go [The Mnemonic Devices]
  36. Rock-a-Bye Moon [The Mnemonic Devices]
  37. It's Christmas Again [Rusty Spell]
  38. No, Virginia [Rusty Spell]
  39. Rudolph vs. The Man [Rusty Spell]
  40. Xmas Blah Blah Blah [Rusty Spell]
  41. Little Love Song [The Mnemonic Devices]
  42. Finally [The Mnemonic Devices]
  43. There Is You [The Mnemonic Devices]
  44. He'll Never Say Goodbye [The Mnemonic Devices]
  45. Should I Talk Slower? [The Mnemonic Devices]
  46. The Machine [The Mnemonic Devices]
  47. I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry [The Mnemonic Devices]
  48. She Won't Find Us Here [The Mnemonic Devices]
  49. Sprite-Like [The Mnemonic Devices]
  50. Go With Me [The Mnemonic Devices]
  51. Have a Nice Day [Rusty Spell]
  52. The Sound of Emotion [Rusty Spell]
  53. Boogers [Rusty Spell]
  54. My Ex-Boyfriend's House [The Mnemonic Devices]
  55. By You [The Mnemonic Devices]
  56. Cherries [The Mnemonic Devices]
  57. I Want You, Girl [The Mnemonic Devices]
  58. Lonely [The Mnemonic Devices]
  59. Don't Go There [The Mnemonic Devices]
  60. I Know It's Not Me [The Mnemonic Devices]
  61. 22 [The Mnemonic Devices]
  62. The Scientist [The Mnemonic Devices]
  63. David Lynch [The Mnemonic Devices]
  64. The Gospel Truth [The Mnemonic Devices]
  65. Mellotron Song [The Mnemonic Devices]
  66. Teddy Ruxpin [The Mnemonic Devices]
  67. Whassername [The Mnemonic Devices]
  68. Music Box [The Mnemonic Devices]
  69. Hubba Hubba [The Mnemonic Devices]
  70. My Jerry [The Mnemonic Devices]
  71. Roxanne [The Mnemonic Devices]
  72. The Snake Charmer [The Mnemonic Devices]
  73. Just For You [The Mnemonic Devices]
  74. Make It Funky [The Mnemonic Devices]
  75. Jenny [The Mnemonic Devices]
  76. Oh But Why [The Mnemonic Devices]
  77. Everything About Me [The Mnemonic Devices]
  78. Hey Old Dude (Drivin' a Fancy New Car) [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  79. Chemical Radiation Vibe [Burton/Spell, with Fountains of Wayne]
  80. Pretending [Rusty Spell]
  81. The Four Loves [Burton/Spell]
  82. Out of My Way [Rusty Spell]
  83. Mr. Death [Rusty Spell]
  84. And I Shudder [Rusty Spell]
  85. A Tatter [Rusty Spell]
  86. I Don't Mind [Rusty Spell]
  87. Seventeen [Rusty Spell]
  88. Time Will Not Slow [Rusty Spell]
  89. Black Hole Noodles [Rusty Spell]
  90. Angela [Rusty Spell]
  91. Born for Me [Rusty Spell]
  92. Jesus Was an Indie Rocker [Rusty Spell]
  93. Ralphie [Rusty Spell]
  94. If You Come (Back To Me) [Robert Brenton]
  95. You and I (Were Born To Die) [Robert Brenton]
  96. Mostly Like You [Robert Brenton]
  97. Make It Right [Robert Brenton]
  98. Peace Out to the Gollum [DJ Rus]
  99. Nothing Like Me [The Mnemonic Devices]
  100. Poodle Skirt [The Mnemonic Devices]
  101. Hiding [The Mnemonic Devices]
  102. Something You Would Do [The Mnemonic Devices]
  103. I Was Sorry [The Mnemonic Devices]
  104. Baby, Baby, Boo! [The Strawberry Explosion]
  105. Christmas at Wartime [The Strawberry Explosion]
  106. Boobalean [The Strawberry Explosion, with Carrie Hoffman]
  107. Joe [Rusty Spell]
  108. I Think I'd Wanna Know (If I Was You) [Rusty Spell]
  109. John Waters [Rusty Spell]
  110. C'mon C'mon C'mon [Rusty Spell]
  111. Don't! [Rusty Spell]
  112. Variable [Rusty Spell]
  113. Song for Nora [Rusty Spell]
  114. Why Why Why? [Rusty Spell]
  115. Your Best Friend [Rusty Spell]
  116. Take It Higher [The Mnemonic Devices]
  117. Young James [The Mnemonic Devices]
  118. Take Me Down (To the Bad Part of Town) Conclusion [The Mnemonic Devices]
  119. My Comps [The Strawberry Explosion, with Carrie Hoffman]
  120. That Boy [The Strawberry Explosion]
  121. The Abortion Graveyard [The Strawberry Explosion, with Carrie Hoffman]
  122. Studying/Suitor [Rusty Spell]
  123. New Loves [Rusty Spell]
  124. Rose Festival [Rusty Spell]
  125. Celebration and Anger [Rusty Spell]
  126. Rabbi Loew [Rusty Spell]
  127. Song for Golem [Rusty Spell]


  1. Rover ['nikcuS]
  2. A Love Song (Flo) ['nikcuS]
  3. Head of Lettuce ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  4. Pump Up the Jam ['nikcuS]
  5. Our Redundant Song ['nikcuS]
  6. There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Hoof-n-Aegle ['nikcuS]
  7. Sock You/Jamaica Man ['nikcuS]
  8. How Now Brown Cow ['nikcuS]
  9. I Used To Love You Until Your Hair Got Tangled Up in String ['nikcuS]
  10. Carpet ['nikcuS]
  11. The Ballad of Swinigin ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  12. On the Streets [Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer]
  13. Hangin' with the Homeboys [Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer]
  14. Sittin' Alone [Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer]
  15. White Man [Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer]
  16. Cosmic Rap [Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer]
  17. Accoustic Guitar ['nikcuS]
  18. Cur Dog ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  19. Two Faggots in Love ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  20. Waterbelly ['nikcuS]
  21. Rat In My House ['nikcuS]
  22. Rat In My House II ['nikcuS]
  23. Christmas ['nikcuS]
  24. Stereotypical Rap Song ['nikcuS]
  25. You Are Not My Wife ['nikcuS]
  26. Bronco Bill ['nikcuS]
  27. Underdogs of the Looney Tunes ['nikcuS]
  28. Galorshes ['nikcuS]
  29. It Came from the Grave ['nikcuS]
  30. Victoria's Secret ['nikcuS]
  31. Do-Wa-Diddy? ['nikcuS]
  32. The Mixing Test ['nikcuS]
  33. Camille ['nikcuS]
  34. (Gonna) See My Lover (Tonight) ['nikcuS]
  35. When the Man Comes ['nikcuS]
  36. Quarter of a Lifetime ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  37. Free ['nikcuS]
  38. Beastiality ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga and Jason Pollan]
  39. Pig Milkin' Contest ['nikcuS]
  40. Farmer's Blues ['nikcuS]
  41. Dark ['nikcuS]
  42. The Equalizer ['nikcuS]
  43. On the Tracks ['nikcuS]
  44. Introduction Song ['nikcuS]
  45. Leper Colony ['nikcuS]
  46. Owner of a Lonely Suck ['nikcuS]
  47. She Was Seventeen (She Was Older Than Me) ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  48. Cruisin' ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  49. The Harmonica Song ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  50. Lily Joy ['nikcuS]
  51. Bill Clinton World ['nikcuS]
  52. I Am a Friend ['nikcuS]
  53. Me and a Girl ['nikcuS]
  54. A.D. 93 (Demo Version) ['nikcuS]
  55. Snails Point of View ['nikcuS]
  56. Interludes--Out there ['nikcuS]
  57. Rockin' All the Time ['nikcuS]
  58. Baby ['nikcuS]
  59. The Blues Man ['nikcuS]
  60. Motorcycle Rider ['nikcuS]
  61. Numb Like a Monkey/Monkey's Uncle ['nikcuS]
  62. Bohemian Poetry ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  63. I Don't Know What To Do ['nikcuS]
  64. Toujours l'Amour ['nikcuS]
  65. You're the Only ['nikcuS]
  66. We're the Ones ('nikcuS) ['nikcuS]
  67. I Get Her Dancin' ['nikcuS]
  68. Stupid (To Me) ['nikcuS]
  69. Leah (Another Parody) ['nikcuS]
  70. The Vietnam Song ['nikcuS]
  71. Come On, Kevin Young ['nikcuS]
  72. So Far, No Good ['nikcuS]
  73. You Are Beautiful (To Me) ['nikcuS]
  74. Twinkle [Rusty Spell]
  75. Tribal Medicine Man [The Naked Donnas]
  76. Five Hours Ahead ['nikcuS]
  77. Noby's Solo ['nikcuS]
  78. An Evil Land ['nikcuS]
  79. I Screwed Up the Saved By the Bell Song, So I'm Gonna Start Singin' About This Sucky Song Song ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  80. Just Like a Woman ['nikcuS]
  81. Treadmill Walkin' ['nikcuS]
  82. Ocean Story ['nikcuS]
  83. Weather ['nikcuS]
  84. Admiral of the Fleet ['nikcuS]
  85. Right Now ['nikcuS]
  86. Sendin' Us Over There ['nikcuS]
  87. Pelt [Yo! MaHma]
  88. Chicken Pie [DNS, with Noby Nobriga]
  89. Talk To MC [DNS]
  90. Hockey Stick [DNS, with Noby Nobriga]
  91. Do It Right [DNS]
  92. Wake Up (R2D2) [DNS]
  93. Kick It Up, Kick It Down [DNS, with Noby Nobriga]
  94. Ebenezer Scrooge [Rusty Spell]
  95. The Matter [Rusty Spell]
  96. I Didn't Care [Rusty Spell]
  97. Size 28 Jeans [Rusty Spell]
  98. Hambone [Rusty Spell]
  99. Ringo Starr [Rusty Spell]
  100. Properly Handled [Rusty Spell]
  101. Rock and Raoul [Rusty Spell]
  102. Valentine's Day [Rusty Spell]
  103. Seize Her Salad [Rusty Spell]
  104. This War [Rusty Spell]
  105. The Sexiest Mexican [Rusty Spell]
  106. Dead Father [Rusty Spell]
  107. Track 4 [Rusty Spell]
  108. Hyperboles [Rusty Spell]
  109. Gen X Post-Slack Realization [Rusty Spell]
  110. BMX Bandits [Rusty Spell]
  111. The World Accordion To Spell [Rusty Spell]
  112. Liza [Rusty Spell]
  113. Insomnia Drinking Song [Rusty Spell]
  114. Desperate Legs [Rusty Spell]
  115. Yellow Towell [Rusty Spell]
  116. I See You [Rusty Spell]
  117. Sounds Like This [Rusty Spell]
  118. Cooties [Rusty Spell]
  119. What's Your Name? [Rusty Spell]
  120. Number Love [Rusty Spell]
  121. Hello Out There [Rusty Spell]
  122. I'm Only 25 [Rusty Spell]
  123. It's Hard To Be a Chipmunk [Rusty Spell]
  124. Kids are the Same [Rusty Spell]
  125. The Boy Who Couldn't Fall Asleep [Rusty Spell]
  126. They're Coming ['nikcuS]
  127. Understand Me, Understand You ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  128. The 6 Hole ['nikcuS]
  129. Tortoise ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  130. I'm Funky (Funkin' Around) ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  131. Ole ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga and Kevin Young]
  132. Rabbit Stew ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  133. Poke You With the Polka ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  134. Pearl Jammin' ['nikcuS]
  135. Lonesome Man ['nikcuS, with Noby Nobriga]
  136. You Don't Get No Grits Until You Get Some Gravy [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  137. Passing Cars [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  138. Shift [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  139. Nutty Fruitcake [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  140. Trip to the Coast [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  141. Oh Yeah, Baby [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  142. Destitute [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  143. I'm the Lyrical Jesse James [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  144. Regional Correctional Facility [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  145. Guy on the Church [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  146. Dead Bodies/Grand Casino [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  147. Actually on the Beach [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  148. Hey, Mama Lucy [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  149. Fish Jump Out (Of the Water) [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  150. Augh, I Love Yaw [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  151. Folk Song [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  152. Old Dude, New Car [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  153. Backyard Burger [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  154. Hypnobro [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  155. Whoo Hoo [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  156. Buy a Balloon and Help Kids [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  157. The World's Largest Rocking Chair [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  158. The Day We Ran Out of Gas [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  159. Monet [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  160. The Dog Song [The Immaculate Conceptions, with Liza Marshall]
  161. Geographical Inspiration [The Immaculate Conceptions]
  162. I'm Singin' While I'm Playin' the Guitar [Rusty Spell]
  163. The One [Rusty Spell]
  164. French Stewart [Rusty Spell]
  165. Streaked Statue [Rusty Spell]
  166. The Iguana [Rusty Spell]
  167. Oooh [Rusty Spell]
  168. December 2-5 [DJ Rus]
  169. Showstopper [Rusty Spell]
  170. She Needed Me [Rusty Spell]
  171. Nine Syllabakky Words [Rusty Spell]
  172. I Need a Haircut [Rusty Spell]
  173. On a Tuesday [Rusty Spell]
  174. I'll Wait [Rusty Spell]
  175. Dangle [Rusty Spell]
  176. I See a Ghost [Rusty Spell]
  177. Mommy and Daddy [Rusty Spell]
  178. Drinking Again [Rusty Spell]
  179. Spendthrifts [Rusty Spell]
  180. Billy [Rusty Spell]
  181. Pow'r [Rusty Spell]
  182. Sprinkling [Rusty Spell]
  183. To Go Home [Rusty Spell]
  184. The Saddest Thought [Rusty Spell]
  185. CG Tonight [Rusty Spell]
  186. Hanky Panky ['nikcuS/Rusty Spell]
  187. Hi-Pass Blues [Rusty Spell]
  188. Artificial Light [Rusty Spell, with Rainer Maria]
  189. Copper's Delight (Jimmy Got the Guts) [Rusty Spell]
  190. The Ballad of Presto [Rusty Spell]
  191. Mary [Robert Brenton]
  192. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 1 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  193. The Game You Want To Play [Robert Brenton]
  194. My Parents [Robert Brenton]
  195. The Happiness of Betty Lou [Robert Brenton]
  196. Those Guys [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  197. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 2 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  198. Josie Said [Robert Brenton]
  199. Video Games [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  200. Sail Away [Robert Brenton]
  201. Bumper Stickers [Robert Brenton]
  202. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 3 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  203. Christmas Is... [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  204. Cole Slaw [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  205. Growl [Robert Brenton]
  206. With Me [Robert Brenton]
  207. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 4 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  208. Mockingbird and Scarecrow [Robert Brenton]
  209. Tonight (Here)/Zimbabwe Boogie [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  210. Pretty Girl [Robert Brenton]
  211. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 5 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  212. Pink Car [Robert Brenton]
  213. Space-Filling Blues [Robert Brenton]
  214. I Got the Feelin' Pt. 6 [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  215. Playing The Sims [Robert Brenton, written and adlibbed]
  216. Your Songs [Robert Brenton]
  217. Sweet Emotion [Robert Brenton, with Aerosmith]
  218. I Got the Feelin' Conclusion [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  219. Away [Robert Brenton]
  220. The Last Song [Robert Brenton, with Tommy Burton]
  221. Thera Flu [DJ Rus]
  222. Worth It [DJ Rus]
  223. December 2-5 [DJ Rus]
  224. Do You Know Scab? [DJ Rus]
  225. Sa Boom Boom [DJ Rus]
  226. Obligatory Self-Indulgent Track [DJ Rus]
  227. Proppin' [DJ Rus]
  228. (From) The Sky [DJ Rus]
  229. He Was an Alien [DJ Rus]
  230. Tribute (Why, God?) [DJ Rus]
  231. Kissy, Kissy (Chipmunk Version, with Carrie Hoffman)
  232. Kissy, Kissy (Harley Version, with Carrie Hoffman)
  233. I Saw the Grass [Rusty Spell]
  234. Coming To Me [Rusty Spell]
  235. Technical Difficulties Song [Rusty Spell]
  236. City Boy [The Strawberry Explosion, with Carrie Hoffman]
  237. The Ogre at Easter [The Strawberry Explosion, with Carrie Hoffman]
  238. I Could Dance If I Weren't So Hostage (or: Hurt Someone in Installments) [Rusty Spell]
  239. Why Have You Denied This Side of You (or: We Learned the Truly Abnormal Never Met Fame) [Rusty Spell]
  240. Some of This Will Not Last the Week (or: All This Time My Car Was a Roaring Lion) [Rusty Spell]
  241. I Will Do the Gremlin's Work (or: That Soul of Yours Shames Only Mothers) [Rusty Spell]
  242. Cassandra's Middle Name Is Also Her Proof (or: Paper Will Always Last) [Rusty Spell]
  243. You Should Not Think of Harold Martin (or: Stoically Divided by Three) [Rusty Spell]
  244. Your Barrels Will Clothe You (or: We Could Fill This Without Anyone Important Noticing) [Rusty Spell]
  245. The Carpathians Were Like That (or: Scramble All You Can Bear To Hold) [Rusty Spell]
  246. Opening Credits [Rusty Spell]
  247. Beating Chests [Rusty Spell]
  248. The Cat [Rusty Spell]
  249. Astrology [Rusty Spell]
  250. Decreed: Against the Jews [Rusty Spell]
  251. Modern Audience [Rusty Spell]
  252. Dark Magic (Golem Theme) [Rusty Spell]
  253. Modern Audience Reprise [Rusty Spell]
  254. The Bellows [Rusty Spell]
  255. Walking Down the Road [Rusty Spell]
  256. The Golem Meets the World [Rusty Spell]
  257. Love Theme [Rusty Spell]
  258. Anger of the Golem [Rusty Spell]
  259. The Struggle [Rusty Spell]
  260. Silent Movie Direction [Rusty Spell]
  261. Finale [Rusty Spell]

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