Part of This Was Always Here
(or: Remove That Hero's Jawbone)
liner notes

Question: What's Up With These Titles?

Answer: Since these are instrumental songs and aren't "about" anything except themselves, I wanted to give abstract names.  I thought of giving just numbers, but other people (usually electronic musicians) have done that and I don't like it too much, so I went with abstract word titles.  I also kept the numbers.  The numbers refer to the order I made them in, with the A and B one being the third song I made split into two parts for the final tracks.  As I listened to each song, I wrote down whatever titles came to my head and then eventually narrowed them down to the ones on the album, moving them around as needed.  The complete list is below for your edification.

001 - you should not think of harold martin
i insist that this fortitude is notwithstanding
tell gretchen she made a swell luftenant
mother's day parade with flag in hand
she wet nothing but the moment

002 - i could dance if i weren't so hostage
sprinkle that merryweather
hurt someone in installments
sectarians were roaming the streets yesterday
you didn't pay the bishop
egg carton next to the aerosol
stoically divided by three
my replacement stamps were too late
the lounge is open but you are
pensive isn't defined
i would duel
this is what mirrors are for
if you were pirate or elf

003-A - sprinkle that shaker this way why not
when life was short we loved it
parking decal too close in color
bonnie was so nice yesterday

003-B - cassandra's middle name is also her proof
i didn't want you if i could
why have you denied this side of you
the breathalyzer can only aid your spirit
fold it and place it nicely there
part of this was always here
who insists on crying but demons
we learned the truly abnormal never met fame

004 - my scars will be yours one day
promise me this love will burn into the wall
climb up there my darling wheat
your barrels will clothe you
some of this will not last the week
if you get that on me I will not like it
the opossum out there is haunting you
all this time my car was a roaring lion
you wouldn't think this is what it takes to sleep

005 - who did the dump truck follow home today
this leftover heap will take it all away
shaking sticks for luck
that soul of yours shames only mothers
understanding is the ugliest morsel in my mouth
fortenberry should be your name
if you look in the room your restriction lives
the aunt's brown crockery states it like this
i will do the gremlin's work
preferably with hope but not without vinyl
it fell on my head when i was only being earnest
the smell is one of familiarity
jettisoned flagella
we could fill this without anyone important noticing
mine was on a list of pretentious baby names

006 - when he swaggers is when he's influential
chapter one explained how to make syrup
that man would have been mayor in the seventies
shirts like that are not revered for their sleeves
tape up your pilgrim hat or you'll have to be a squaw
leave the shoe untied when you do your taxes
jessica wanted to jar my blood
zero could be enough with a little imagination
remove that hero
paper will always last
portraits come out dusty

007 - my gut can say if you are or not my brother
the carpathians were like that
oh and you wanted a home for my shipmates
scramble all you can bear to hold
we will not let this rug fall on my daughter's ears

Copyright (c) Sep 2007 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music