"My Humps"
liner notes

We loved the Black-Eyed Peas song "My Humps" when it came out.  Many didn't apparently, or said they didn't.  We did and do, and it somehow seemed right that we cover it, though we originally intended it as a B-side on whatever the next single was to be.  Rusty made what is now called the "straight version" back in October: "straight" because the arrangement, tempo, vocal delivery, etc. was as close as possible to the original.  E'r'body seemed to dig it.

Eventually we figured it could be a single itself, but not the straight version.  That was already on the radio, more or less.  So we did a more Strawberried version months later.  That's the A-side.

This album is a celebration album of sorts, also, because we made it after Carrie took and passed her comprehensive exams (needed to receive her PhD), and we wrote special lyrics for "My Comps" to help celebrate.  I diddled with the music of the straight version to give it some variety.  This is possibly the nerdiest thing either of us has ever done.

The obligatory chipmunk version was recorded next, again without a real-time chipmunk effect, but we pulled off some funny moments anyway.  I took out the guitar part and only used effect-less keyboard parts for this version.

Then the vocoder version, which -- like the one done for "Boobalean" -- seems equally good as the single version, just in another direction.  The guitar was given some effects and the drum part was re-done and there are different keyboard voices used here too.  These vocoder songs are taking over the Strawberry world, and we're talking about one of the next singles being a vocoder song (which will be sure to feature the non-vocoder version as a B-side) since we like them so much.  Rusty called the vocoder version of this song "transcendent."  Somewhere in here is the answer to life.

Of course, the karaoke version just spawns itself.  Take out the vocals.

Now, the pictures.  We like these.  We're sexy.  We balanced the camera on the TV and went after it.  Carrie has lovely lady lumps indeed, and Rusty is pleased to get love-drunk off of them.  We've included additional photos from the shoot below.  We hope you enjoy this CD and bump and hump with someone you love while listening to it.

Copyright (c) Mar 2006 by The Strawberry Explosion and Love and Letters Music