Midi Skirt

"Past, present, future--magic and reality--running out of time."

Things sound lighter in tone, though actually mostly sad. Much more scattered than usual, though succumbing to a subtle order.

Recording: 14 Apr-15 Oct 1998 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios. Cover Design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Delia*s. Total Running Time: 43:08

All vocals by Rusty Spell and Debi Spell. All keyboard by Rusty Spell. All songs by The Mnemonic Devices, Lyrics and Music written by Rusty Spell except: 3. Lyrics by Debi Spell and Rusty Spell.

Lyrics * Liner Notes * The Johnny Winters Midi Skirt Interview


  1. Wedding March -- Wedding march for the 90s. 2:47.
  2. The Emperor's New Song -- Ever-changing, ever-engaging. 4:47.
  3. Dreams In a Jar -- Seeking out buried feelings. 2:47.
  4. Michael's Theme -- The music played when Michael Landon cries. 4:20.
  5. Cut It Out -- Over-comprimization for someone. 1:56.
  6. Beautiful -- Being in synch with a cruel, cruel world. 4:08.
  7. Cacophony -- Disturbance versus peace. 1:59.
  8. Our Hurricane -- Disaster strikes the home. 3:39.
  9. Christmas Afternoon -- Quick time long gone. 4:09.
  10. I've Got To Go -- Answering the call of the train. 6:26.
  11. Rock-a-Bye Moon -- Escape from this world. 5:42.

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Copyright (c) Sep 1998 - Sep 2005 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music