Love Chewed Off Its Leg EP

Nothing Like Me
written by Rusty Spell

She’s a lacto-ovo, but I am a vegan. I don’t know how we got together at all. She’s an agnostic, but I am a pagan. She is so short that she makes me look tall. She knows Matador records has corporate backing, but she still won’t throw her Yo La Tengo away. She doesn’t like my napping. I don’t like her snacking. I don’t care at all she broke up with me today.

Cause she’s nothing like me. I know now that I must have just been bored. Cause she’s nothing like me. I don’t care if she leaves. This swimming pool of my tears will drown me no more.

She likes Rossellini, but I like Fellini. It’s such a shock she stood out from the rest. My favorite kitschy TV is I Dream of Jeannie. She is so dumb she thinks Bewitched is the best. I’ve got an ironic T-shirt she sometimes borrows. I can tell that she is wearing it genuinely. I don’t like her depression. She doesn’t like my sorrow. I don’t care at all if she is running from me.

Cause she’s nothing like me. I wonder why I thought she was my twin. Cause she’s nothing like me. I don’t care if she leaves. In fact, I’m ready for this all to end. Yeah, she’s nothing like me. I know now it was nothing but a game. Cause she’s nothing like me. I don’t care if she leaves. I need to find someone who is the same as me.

Poodle Skirt
written by Rusty Spell

I wasn’t seeing any action around here, hadn’t found a girl I liked in several years, but there’s some secret things that I know that helped me to get exactly where I needed to go. You were drinking a cherry phosphate when I asked you on a date. You said, "Why you just come on to my place? We can sit on my bed and listen to 'Chantilly Lace.'"

Hey, you got your bobby socks on. Hey, you’re gonna get my rocks off by wearing that poodle skirt. You sure know to flirt with me. I’ve got a time machine.

You asked about my digital watch and if you were just a notch on my post. I said I traveled really far for you, babe. You’re the coolest girl of any age. Cause you are just perfect for me. You like making out at drive-ins and Elvis and Jerry Lee. And I think I’m going to stay here with you. We’ll have a kid who will be my age in 2002.

written by Rusty Spell

I didn’t want to, but I fell in love with you. You showed me the real you, but I hid what was true.

You didn’t break my heart, but you took it all apart to see what was inside and what I had to hide from you.

You showed me what was there. It made me so very scared. I wasn’t at all prepared. I wasn’t at all aware.

I know now I will die. I was living through my lie. I’m sorry, but you and I will have to end this tie.

Something You Would Do
written by Rusty Spell

You said you knew you were stuck with me the day we broke up. You said you hated me so much that you fell in love, that it was love at first sight, because in five years’ time, you’d never looked at me.

And so you unpacked my bags and said, "I hope you’re not mad at me for wasting your time. If so I do understand. And if you want to repack or if you don’t want me back, then you can tell me now."

I said, "Of course I’m upset, and, babe, I don’t get you yet. But you’ve been doing these weird things ever since we met. I still adore you, and when I think it through, it just sounds about like something you would do."

One day you drank lots of beer and you started to fear that I would get bored with you and leave you within a year. So first you got a tattoo and then you learned the bassoon and joined the symphony.

You called me on the phone and said, "I feel so alone. I really miss you so much while I’m out on the road. I’m only out here at all because I really want to be with you all the time."

I said, "Why don’t you come back? You really need to relax. Again you’re making no sense in the ways you react. I still adore you, and when I think it through, it just sounds about like something you would do."

I Was Sorry
written by Rusty Spell

I was sorry. I wanted you to forgive me. I broke your heart one million times. You stood in line.

Just stay away. Do not come back to me today. It’s over now. I cannot change. I’m only pain.

Copyright (c) Mar 2004 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music