The Makers of the Art

Rusty Spell (1995 - 2005): Rusty Spell was the first artist of Love and Letters Music. Rusty's music varies from album to album and usually follows some "theme."

The Mnemonic Devices (1996 - 2005): The Mnemonic Devices star Rusty Spell on keyboard, writing songs for himself and the Mnemonic Devicettes to sing, all with a polished pop feel.

Tommy Burton (1999 - 2003): Tommy Burton is a solo artist, and the first artist at Love and Letters Music not headed by Rusty Spell.

The Immaculate Conceptions (2000 - 2002): The Immaculate Conceptions are Liza Marshall and Rusty Spell creating bushels of agonizingly cute songs.

Robert Brenton (2000-2003): Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell join to become the new adlib musical force in the world.

DJ Rus (2002-2003): The DJ (and sometimes rapper) from DNS and his solo joints.

The Strawberry Explosion (2004-2006): Carrie Hoffman and Rusty Spell spread the joy with singles.

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