Liza Marshall

The lovely Liza Marshall was Rusty's girlfriend, introduced by earlier Devicette Nyleva Corley, who became a Devicette herself in 2001.  Liza is a frequent guest on Rusty Spell solo projects and a member of The Immaculate Conceptions, and she also has performed at live shows.  Liza is the only Devicette to ever record her own vocals, and she also records for her solo work.  Liza has provided artwork, photography, and design for several groups under Love and Letters Music.  Her image appears on the back of Sparkling Objective Correlatives.

Zooming In On Fractals (2001)
My Ex-Boyfriend's House
A Mystery
Don't Go There
The Gospel Truth

Sparkling Objective Correlatives (2002)
Make It Funky
Everything About Me

Boys Can Be Pretty Too EP (2005)
Take It Higher
Young James

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