Live Shows Vol. 2 (Mar 2002 - Apr 2004): Why I Never Do This, Why I Sometimes Do

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Rusty's live shows improve and sometimes his audiences do.  Often, however, they do not.

Recording: 18 Mar 2002 by Carrie Hoffman at Espresso Yourself in Chalmette LA opening for The Robinsons; 24 May 2002 by Liza Marshall at Reedmeister's in Memphis TN opening for Lately David; 31 Jul 2002 by Rusty Spell at at Mugshots in Hattiesburg MS for open mic night; 1 Aug 2002 by Liza Marshall at Ichabod's in Baton Rouge LA opening for The Robinsons; 23 Aug 2003 by Rusty Spell at Athena's 2 in McAllen TX for the South Texas Underground Music Festival; 3 Apr 2004 by Rusty Spell at Eclipse Coffee House in Montevallo AL for the Montevallo Literary Festival; 12 Sep 2005 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Edinburg TX. Cover design: Rusty Spell. Photography: Carrie Hoffman. Total running time: 74.05.

Vocals by Rusty Spell, Liza Marshall, and Tommy Burton. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and keyboard by Rusty Spell except: 23. Vocals and acoustic guitar by Rusty Spell and Tommy Burton 27. electric guitar by Danny McGregor and acoustic guitar by Rusty Spell. Drums by Tommy Burton. Announcements by Tommy Burton and Terrell Robinson. Songs by Rusty Spell except: 1. They Might Be Giants 6. The White Stripes 9. Weezer 11. Belle and Sebastian 13. Destiny's Child 14. The Four Seasons 18. The Bangles and Shakira 22. Sisqo 26. Sifl and Olly 29. Lynrd Skynrd.

Lyrics * Liner Notes

"Two years of mediocre turnout."

1. Dr. Worm (Studio)
2. Introduction (Reed, Mug, Tommy)
3. Technical Difficulties Song (Mug)
4. I'm Singin' While I'm Playin' the Guitar (Mug, Espresso)
5. Hubba Hubba (Reed)
6. Hotel Yorba (Reed)
7. My Ex-Boyfriend's House (Reed, Liza)
8. Cherries (Espresso)
9. Hash Pipe (Espresso)
10. The Saddest Thought (Reed)
11. We Rule the School (Espresso)
12. Make It Funky (Reed, Liza)
13. Bootylicious (Reed)
14. Lucky Ladybug (Espresso)
15. Roxanne (Reed, Liza)
16. I Want You, Girl (Reed)
17. Our Redundant Song (Espresso)
18. Underneath Your Eternally Flaming Clothes (Athena's)
19. Waterbelly (Espresso)
20. Teddy Ruxpin (Reed, Liza)
21. My Ex-Boyfriend's House (Reed)
22. The Thong Song (Ichabod's)
23. The Snake Charmer (Eclipse, Reed, Tommy)
24. Boogers (Espresso)
25. Oh But Why (Reed, Liza)
26. Whatever (Ichabod's)
27. Our Hurricane (Reed)
28. Everything About Me (Reed, Liza)
29. Freebird (Reed)
30. Pearl Jammin' (Athena's, Espresso)
31. Exit (Studio)

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Copyright (c) Sep 2005 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music