indie rock credibility

the matter
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

i don't know what's the matter with you, and i don't know what's the matter with you. but i do know what's the matter with you, i do know what's the matter with you.

but i don't know what's the matter with me, but i know what's the matter with you now, babe, and that's me. i said i don't know what's the matter with me, but i know what's the matter with you now, babe, and that's me.

i might not ever figure out what's the matter with me, said i might not figure out what's the matter with me, but i can tell you what's the matter with you now, baby. you're hanging out with me now, baby. that's what's the matter with you now, baby.

i know what's the matter with me. i've always had something wrong with me now, baby...

i didn't care
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

i didn't care about your man... toucan sam, doing all he can to bring me down, i didn't care...

toucan sam, bringing me down, following his nose till it gets him in trouble. toucan sam, shaking the man, shaking down for all that he can...

size 28 jeans
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

i met her, and she answered better than me to leave her upon herself, but she only made me back in another point of view before i met my baby.

i don't regret her, and i'm meeting her this way, cause what i want to say, that i got no regrets at all. in spite of what may fall, in spite of what i'm going through. in spite of what i've been through, in spite of all the change.

skipping through the flowers into the daisy chain, skipping there for hours, making up new names, decided i wanted to be sid, and she wants to be francine. she's trying on my blue jeans.

and they fit her, they fit her better than me. she looked so good in my jeans. you just don't know how that does, the way they hung around her, i killed them in a fit of rage, my jeans, that day.

adlibbed by Rusty Spell

tap on it. it takes a hambone to get you down bone, man, it takes a hambone to get you down bone, man, it takes a hambone to get you down down down down down down down down down...

when i saw you lying in the bed the other day i said to your mom, "well, what's his deal today?" she said you're sick, i said, "well, so am i." i said, "well, so are you." i said, "you want me to to cry, cry for my man? cause i ain't gonna do it, ma'am. you know it's the truth and you know..."

hey, ma'am, i don't know what your son's up to right now, but i know what i'm up to, and i'm feeling pretty good, and you notice that our ages aren't too different, and so since your son is sick and since the hambone's got him down, maybe we could... well, you know what we could do.

ringo starr
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

once you were walking to my house, then i told you you looked like a mouse. you crawled around with your little tail all bunched up. i was going to jail. you were 16 years old that day...

jail bait, i never thought it would happen to me. and i didn't care... i didn't care, no i didn't care.

i waited two years. i didn't really wait two years. but i waited to the public two years. two years. i waited to go public with you. i loved you that much, baby, even though i was 22. you were 16, beautiful, and mine. ringo starr. my voice cracked.

properly handled
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

we got it. we have got it. fever pitching down below, fever pitching it slow. fever pitching it down. check it out to the cha to the cha cha. take it out, baby. this sound is around. don't you know it? don't you know this sound is around?

rock and raoul
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

i know y'all ready to rock and roll. my name is the god of rock and roll. y'all all come to me once or twice. once or twice I'd say is about average. raoul. is your name raoul? rock and raoul? rock hudson and raoul julia, they were rock and raoul, man. They were my two favorite actors.

basement punk
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

valentine's day
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

if you want to go and take my time away from me and you just take that time and you take it right away from me and then you put it back into my hands and let me wear it like a watch and if that's what you want to do, then we'll do it too.

when you want to take me out to the mall for valentine's day and then if you find that you find something that you want to buy for me there, well that's just fine and i'll give you my money to get it with because i know you're poor, you're poorer than me, even which is a lot, that's saying a lot because i don't have any money at all and so if you want to buy me something for me for valentine's day with my own money at the mall you're gonna have to just borrow it from your mother, cause she's dead she died a long time ago, which is why you want to be here with me, because your mother died so long ago, and your father, well, your father wasn't that good of a man anyway, and i'm not that good of a man, but i'm a better man than your father and so i buy you gifts and so i like receiving gifts and i like receiving them better when i know that you didn't even have to spend your own money, but you can spend mine, and when you spend mine when i have it, but i don't have any right now, so i'll go out and get a job and i'll be a good man.

i'll get a job for you, baby, so can buy me some valentine's gifts, baby, on this valentine's day. i love you on this valentine's day. i love you on this day.

sieze her salad
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

you told me once you told me nice you told me fast you told me twice you were my girl i'll be your man i picked you out i put you in a can take you home take you to rome make you beg make you roam make your roam to your home be a trapped in your home take me home i want to go home where's my home i got no home you got no home i got to roam roam to rome italy rome come to rome the fall of rome caesar rome rome rome rome.

caesar salad, caesar pizza. caesar, seize him, seize them all, take them down. boom smiddy, boom boom smiddy. i wanna boom boom smiddy with you, baby. tick tick, what's that tick tocking, tick tocking clock, baby? locked in my room, want to be locked in your womb, baby. i want to be, i don't want to be.

this war
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

if anyone doesn't think that this is a war anymore, then tell them to turn on the tv set and see what's going on. oh yeah, just watch the news on any given day and see what's going on, and you'll know that it's a war. so you got to get on out of your living room. and you got to get busy doing what you know to do.

cause it's a war... are you part of this war? i'm a part of this war. i'm going to get my armor on. i can't take any more. i'm ready to fight in the war, fight in this war. i'm ready to fight in this war.

the sexiest mexican
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

i want to be like antonio banderas. i want to be just like him, minus the pony tail. i'll cut that thing on and be antonio banderas. he's the sexiest mexican you'll ever want to meet. he gets all the chicks in the movies, and that chick from desperado was really hot, like man she was smoking, but antonio was the one that was really smoking, because he got her, man. she didn't even think twice about it, man. she didn't care, he walking around with the guns in his guitar case, because he was the el mariachi, and i am a mariachi, and this is my song to you, antonio. cause because i admire you, antonio. antonio banderas. adios.

dead father
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

code red, father's dead, he fell on his head. code red, my father's dead.

mama said as she came here with me, mama said he fell on his head.

"we work the hardest to be the smartest," said a once little group of two guys who fell into success. their father's dead, he died, and they're not brothers, but they might as well be brothers, because their names both start with the same letter, and end with the same letter, and have the same letters in the middle.

track 4
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

it doesn't really matter what i'm going to say within the next five minutes because it's been said anyway by somebody else. somebody else said it. but then somebody said that already and you're thinking "god, that's so old and lame because somebody said that so many times," and there's nothing new under the sun and that was written several thousand years ago.

oh, but it's true and it's true and so there's nothing left to do. you don't care because you skipped to track 4 and you played track 4 was all you played and then you took it back to the store. someone made a whole album and you just listened to track 4. someone put there guts into that album, they went into the studio and they recorded there guts in that album, and all you did is took your player and put it on and you clicked it to track four and no more, and then they released another song on the radio five months later, and "why did i do that?" i'm wasting my life only listening to track 4. track 4.

adlibbed by Rusty Spell

no one thanked me for my trouble, when i went to do it double, when i did it twice as good as anybody else. no on thanked me for my trouble, when i did it, did it double, did it twice as fast and twice as well as that guy over there. over there, with his long, hippy hair. it's longer than my wife's. i'm going to cut it with a knife.

jamocha almond fudge on thursday, nilla nilla nilla friday, then on saturday i get a sunday, too. then on sunday go to church, and on monday go to work, and on tuesday, tuesday i'm in love with you. hump-day, hump-day.

no one thanked me for my trouble, when they told me to retire, that i would get the thankless job of the week. no one thanked me for my trouble, i don't care, i don't mind, baby. baby, yeah. i'm in love, yeah.

my baby, she's the prettiest thing i've ever seen. my baby, she's got everything i need, it seems to me right now, it's true right now, i know it's not, but it seems good right now. hyperboles only work if you believe them, if you believe in them, like i believe in her.

Copyright (c) Feb 1999 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music