Zooming In On Fractals


My Ex-Boyfriend's House
written by Rusty Spell

Lisa said it's a-okay, she didn't like him anyway. I'll take her word if she'll take mine that in a night I'll be just fine. And I know she's right, and she knows I'm lying.

Christopher was all to me, and anyway adultery is commoner than heroine, as common as the state I'm in. And I know he's weak, and I know I'm unhappy. And I guess I'll go to my ex-boyfriend's house.

Periwinkles all around, the ocean making not a sound. I lost my hearing at a show, standing close in the front row. But I know it'll come back, and I know he will not.

Lisa drops her bathing top, her boyfriend gawking like a fop. Their cute love antics killing me, I wish they'd drift into the sea. But I know they'll stop, they'll be sad like me one day. And I guess I'll go to my ex-boyfriend's house.

To my ex-boyfriend's house. He's always been so nice to me. I hurt him 1993, but he always lets me in. To my ex-boyfriend's house. I sleep good on his living room floor, and he always leaves open his door with a nightlight in the hall.

Christopher, what have you done? I thought I set my switch on stun. You flipped it off with tuxedo vows, but now you're in another town. And now I am here in this two-story misery.

Options, options, what are those? The color of my panty hose? All the choices in the world, but I only want to be your girl. And now I am here in a thirtysomething episode. And I guess I'll go to my ex-boyfriend's house.

To my ex-boyfriend's house. He's always been so nice to me. I get drunk with him on daiquiris while tanning by his pool. To my ex-boyfriend's house. He doesn't expect anything, won't steal my heart with a gold ring from his mother's jewelry box. To my ex-boyfriend's house, though Lisa says it's a terrible idea, that I'll marry him also in a year. I'll just have to take that chance, I fear. To my ex-boyfriend's house.

By You
written by Rusty Spell

You showed up in short pants, ignoring my cool stance. I stopped chewing gum and I stood at attention. Your tank-top was hugging while my eyes were bugging. I thought lots of things that I'm not gonna mention. My friend says you're stupid--it's not about Cupid. I tell him go sit with his wife and watch Matlock. Your face is so distant, surpassing resistant. You're vacant and perfect and I'm firm as a rock. And it's true. I'm so turned on by you.

You make me wanna get up and groove. I really hate to dance, but I need to see you move. Oh, I do. I'm so turned on by you.

You showed up at my place with makeup on your face. Your lips were so red that they made me get redder. I had girls I thought sexy, but you in that dress... See, I know there's no way it could get any better. I smelt it you dealt it. We went on to melt it. I went numb on the couch and I broke capillaries. Your bending and arching sent all my troops marching. All the fruits before tasted were nothing but cherries. Not you. I'm so turned on by you.

I hope it won't seem like I'm too sentimental when I think of this night in lieu of a rental. Mon Deus. I'm so turned on by you.

written by Rusty Spell

A blonde-haired beauty is a sight to behold when you're newly-single from a six year run. And I don't know but I've been told,
that the Good Lord above likes for us to have fun. If you want to try your hand now, she's standing over there by the pink punch bowl. She's the cute one dressed in pink too; don't be fooled by her camouflage.

Dance, dance. Ask her to dance. I don't care if you think she won't say yes. And I don't care if your moves are old: Chubby Checker did the twist his entire life.

Look, you're really going now. Have you ever seen a smile like hers? Did you ever realize that a party can completely change your life? Don't think ahead too much, just enough to keep up with your new friend. If I were more than your shoulder's angel, I'd be tempted to jump off and join right in.

Cherry Coke, cherry wine, cherry jubilee. Cherry you, cherry me, merry cherry we.

Boy, you better get to dancin'... Dance... all night long. Dance... with this girl. Dance... all night long. Dance... with your girl.

I Want You, Girl
written by Rusty Spell

You are so fine. I wanna make you mine. But you don't care if I live or die. I need you bad. This love's not just a fad. I'll be your dad: I'll be your sugar dad. My friends they say, I should let you get away. But I think about you every day. I'll set a trap. I'll find you at The Gap. You're the only one can end this crap.

Girl... You got me on my knees, and I am beggin' you, please. I want your love to increase. Oh, girl... Please come home with me, and I will make all time freeze. Won't even mind if you tease.

I need you more. I've started keeping score. But you still think that I'm a crashing bore. You are for me. I wish that you could see. Please look me up in the directory. In your back yard, I stare at you so hard. It makes me wanna charge like Master Card. When you're at school, I see you lookin' cool. Like Kevin Spacey, girl, you know you rule.

Girl... I've fallen hard for you, and you should fall for me too. I think you know that it's true. Oh, girl... I've given every clue I want you part of my crew. I'd stick to you like glue.

You and me, don't that sound good? Say it over-over like I wish you would. Me and you, that sound nice? Please don't take your older sister's advice. We and we, meant to be. I learned it fifth period in History. Just like Napoleon and Josephine. Lovin' like ours has not been seen.

Girl... I know I can have any girl that I want, and that I should consider it your loss. But when I look into your eyes, I know that I gotta fight for what's mine. I love you girl...

Girl... If you get into my car, we could drive to the stars or to an all-ages bar. Oh, girl... You know I'm stayin' chaste for you. I'm goin' to wait. It doesn't matter how late. Oh, girl... Your perfect hair. And your blank little stare And your white underwear. Yeah, girl... Your tiny physique, your name's Dominique. You shop at Clinique. Girl... I'm singing to you. What else can I do? You should love me true. Oh, girl... I'm fadin' away. There's nothing to say. Please don't think I'm...

written by Rusty Spell

Bruce told me he had an idea that all the lonely people should hook up. It sounds so simple, but for far too long I can't make nobody to look up. Renting documentaries every night, insomnia till my eyes bleed. I'm sick of my five hundred CDs, and I've got nothing to read.

On the carpet I talk to a roach, but then he runs and he hides. He touches poison that I spread yesterday. He chokes, looks at me, and then dies.

There's someone out there. I know there must be. I am so lonely. There's someone out there.

A Mystery
written by Ava Spell

My love, what a mystery you are to me. You are my destiny.

Our love is such a miracle. I can't believe it's true that I've met someone as perfectly as you. My love, come away with me
And we will experience ecstasy...

Laughing together, dreaming together, staying together, forever.

My love, what a mystery you are to me. You've become my destiny... My destiny... my mystery.

Don't Go There
written by Rusty Spell

BILLY: Melanie sprayed my eyes with the Lysol. You'd kill yourself if you see all that I saw. She makes me count to ten. She's the poster child for sin.

MELANIE: Billy, he is a bit of a worry, a self-appointed judge and a jury. And he's not as sweet as he says. I'd like to crack his neck like Pez.

BOTH: I wonder why s/he hangs around. Why does s/he smell like cheese? I'd like to see him/her crack both of his/her knees.

MELANIE: Billy, yeah, well he could be a looker, but he started a fight with a white trash hooker who brutalized his face. Now he's a sissy who carries mace.

BILLY: Melanie is no Lady Godiva. Tom won't peep and no stallion will ride her. Her mama looks so bad that a test tube was her dad.

BOTH: I hate him/her more than I hated my folks. S/he should be dead like them. I wish he'd/she'd suck my nose and swallow phlegm.

MELANIE: Oh, don't go there with me.
BILLY: Where are we going now?
MELANIE: You threw yourself at me the day we met and I asked you to wait.
BILLY: Wait a minute, there. You were the one who said a million times that he is going home with me.
MELANIE: I know you didn't. You're the most conceited little idiot that I know.
BILLY: Blah, blah, blah. You'd best give up that line before I bust your head.
MELANIE: I'll kill you till your dead.
BILLY: I'll kick you to the curb and then I'll put a hurting on you good.
MELANIE: Good for nothing little...
BILLY: You little--
MELANIE: Don't you call me the C word.
BILLY: I can call you anything I want.
MELANIE: No you can't, you dog.
BILLY: Won't you shut your ugly face?
BOTH: Why don't you go away?

BILLY: Melanie could be my precious darling, but she's got a roach motel apartment. She feeds cocaine to her cats. And she French kisses on rats.

MELANIE: Billy, he could be close as my sister, but he's got fanzines of Adolf Hitler. He eats crack babies for meals. This is how he gets his thrills.

BOTH: If s/he'd only move real far away, off to another land, s/he wouldn't have to converse with my hand.

I Know It's Not Me
written by Rusty Spell

I want to know where you go. I want to know who you see. I want to know who you love. I know it's not me. I know it's not me.

I know where you go at night. I know who you see when I'm not there to see you. I know who you love. I know it's not me. I know it's not me.

I don't want to know where you go. I don't want to know who you see. I don't want to know who you love. I know it's not me. I know it's not me.

written by Rusty Spell

You, you know my moves like Arthur Lintgen reads his grooves. Your love is no excuse for my blues.

We have twenty-two rotten children. It's like a zoo. You say you love me. That may be true.

I love my cigar too. But I take it out of my mouth once in a while.

You smile like a needy child. I try to dial the cops to file your name. It's not a game. The order of the day is to restrain.

Oh why? Maybe I'll die. Or maybe you will do it first. I'll try to pass the time, dreaming parades starring your hearse.

The Scientist
written by Rusty Spell

I dream of fake industrial cake and ice cream with synthetic fruit in it. If I learn to skate right through this earthquake, then happy joy whoopee times infinite.

He loves me, but he can't understand my ultimate plan. He needs me, but with power in hand, I make my demands. I want to fly. I want to turn invisible. I want x-ray vision and halted cell division, not unreasonable.

Love might get in the way. I hope he'll be okay. But I just need my space now. I'm celestial-based now.

Science and alchemy are dying if I don't stay in the lab. I'm trying to make our lives more perfect than they have been for the past zillion years. He's covered with tears,but I know that he will thank me one day.

When I step up on the podium and accept my award for making magic potions out of sodium that cure our boredom, when he's had his final panic attack, en media res of slitting his wrist, I'll open my fist and give him the answer to all his prayers.

He and I we dream of pie and apples, unforbidden fruit. and he and I we buy and buy, no shackles. We're rolling in loot. Our moms and dads they are so glad they had us. If we weren't born They'd still be peeping through the ugly lattice, all broken and torn. The universe is no longer entropic. It's ordered by me. Our problems aren't even microscopic. They just ceased to be.

David Lynch
written by Rusty Spell


The Gospel Truth
written by Rusty Spell

In the spring of the year 2000, drifting near the shore, we looked up and saw twelve angels flying high up o'er. Want to know what they said to us as they swooped down near my head? They told my lover and me it was one year till we're dead.

In the spring of the year 2000, lying in the grass, the devil slithered up to our feet, and paused before he passed. Want to know what he said to us, though we knew it was a lie? He told my lover and me you shall not surely die.

In the spring of the year 2000, fishing at the pond, she and I saw the Virgin Mary from the Great Beyond. Though she spoke not a word to us but kept it in her heart, we knew from her presence there that we would soon depart.

In the spring of the year 2000, flying our kite in the wind, he and I saw Our Lord Christ Jesus forgiving all our sins. Want to know what he said to us as he turned the water to wine? You have still a year to go and then you two shall die.

In the spring of 2000 and 1, standing in the sky, on the throne we saw Our Maker, and we knew we'd died. Want to know what He said to us before we lay down in our beds? We're afraid we can't tell you that, but you'll know when you're dead.

Mellotron Song
written by Rusty Spell

All of your pain will melt in the rain if you come back to me...

Copyright (c) Feb 2001 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music