Enter Love and Letters Studios and Sing

Love and Letters Studios officially opened Jun 1998, though technically existing since 1996 (and as Rusty's House Studios since 1990). It began in a room in Rusty's apartment in Hattiesburg Mississippi, then relocated a few blocks down to a room in Rusty's house, then to an apartment in Edinburg Texas, then to a house in Auburn, AL, and now to the Imaginorium in Auburn, AL.  Sometimes it jumps around to other places, too--parts of it are portable. Love and Letters Studios is used for Love and Letters albums, 'nikcuS Productions, other people's musical projects, and anything else that comes up. It's very cozy with lots of books, sitting areas, and CDs to enjoy.

The Johnny Winters Love and Letters Studios Interview

These Are the Instruments

  • Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar
  • Johnson Acoustic Guitar
  • Soprano Ukulele
  • Palmer Baritone Uke
  • Rogue Mandolin
  • Yamaha PSR-330 MIDI keyboard
  • Casiotone MT-220 keyboard
  • Casiotone MT-100 keyboard
  • Casiotone MT-18 keyboard 
  • Casio SA-5 keyboard
  • Toy Piano
  • Elephant Toy Piano
  • Concert Ludwig snare drum
  • M. Hohner "American Ace" C harmonica
  • M. Hohner 55 "Echo" C harmonica
  • M. Hohner "Golden Melody" G harmonica
  • M. Hohner "Old Standby" C harmonica
  • Wurlitzer accordion
  • Schylling Baby Acordian
  • Trophy Flutophone
  • Catania Board Piano
  • Trophy Jaw Harp
  • "Snoopy's Harp" Jaw Harp
  • Hohner kazoo
  • First Act bongo
  • First Act guiro
  • First Act tambourine
  • The World's Smallest Tambourine
  • King Klave Claves
  • First Act "Rhythm" egg shaker
  • First Act "Harmony" egg shaker
  • First Act clavinet

This Is the Equipment

  • My computer
  • Sound Blaster Live!
  • Sonar 2.0
  • Nova Class A Pet Microphone
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
  • Sound Forge XP 4.0
  • Tascam 414 mkII Portastudio
  • Realistic Stereo Mixing Console
  • Radio Shack Electronic Reverb Control
  • Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 Guitar Pedal
  • Danelectro "Pepperoni" Phaser Guitar Pedal
  • Pioneer CT-W103 Tape Deck
  • Panasonic Portable Tape Recorder
  • GE Cassette Recorder
  • Realistic Microphones
These are the albums LL Studios has helped with
  1. DUSKBUSTERS!: '89
  2. DUSKBUSTERS!: Lost Stuff
  4. 'nikcuS: 'nikcuS
  6. DUSKBUSTERS!: Thursday
  7. DUSKBUSTERS!: Overtime
  9. DUSKBUSTERS!: Miscellaneous
  10. DUSKBUSTERS!: Talkin'
  11. Kool-Aid MC with a Lemonade Spritzer: Mr. Dude EP
  12. 'nikcuS: Leftovers Volume I
  13. DUSKBUSTERS!: Finally
  14. 'nikcuS: Adlibbing
  15. DUSKBUSTERS!: Untitled
  17. DUSKBUSTERS!: Sick
  18. DUSKBUSTERS!: Screw
  19. 'nikcuS: Graduates
  20. DUSKBUSTERS! Fourteen
  21. 'nikcuS: Leftovers Volume II
  22. 'nikcuS: Rockin'
  23. Synthetic Fibers: The Album
  24. DUSKBUSTERS!: Again'
  25. DUSKBUSTERS!: Stupid
  27. The Naked Donnas: "Tribal Medicine Man"
  28. 'nikcuS: Plugged
  29. 'nikcuS: Leftovers Volume III
  30. DUSKBUSTERS!: History
  31. Rusty Spell: Mailbox
  32. 'nikcuS: Surprise
  33. 'nikcuS: Leftovers Volume IV
  34. DUSKBUSTERS!: Nutty
  35. Yo! MaHMa: [We sux)
  36. DUSKBUSTERS!: Intelligent
  37. The Mnemonic Devices: 20th Century Literary Problem
  38. Rusty Spell: Covers by Casio
  39. Synthetic Fibers: Not The Album
  40. DUSKBUSTERS!: Latino
  41. The Mnemonic Devices: I Don't Remember
  42. Gospel Assembly: Demos 97 EP
  43. DNS: We Did It Anyway
  44. DUSKBUSTERS!: Time
  45. Rusty Spell: Experiments and Outtakes
  46. Various: Verfrumdungseffekt--The Songs of Stephin Merritt
  47. The Mnemonic Devices: Midi Skirt
  48. Rusty Spell: Christmas Again
  49. Rusty Spell: indie rock credibility
  50. The Mnemonic Devices: The 5 Remaining Love Songs EP
  51. Lately David: The Elvis Single
  52. Lately David: The Summer Sessions EP
  53. The Mnemonic Devices: All This Wasted Beauty
  54. Tommy Burton: Tommy Burton's Home Demos
  55. Rusty Spell: Neutral Milk Hotel Lobby
  56. Rusty Spell: Alterna-Chick
  57. Rusty Spell: Rusty Spell Strums The Mnemonic Devices
  58. Rusty Spell: WUSM Interview with Clinton Kirby
  59. Rusty Spell: This Album Belongs To...
  60. Synthetic Fibers: The New Album
  61. Rusty Spell: Live at the Map Room
  62. The Mnemonic Devices: Zooming In On Fractals
  63. Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 1
  64. DUSKBUSTERS!: Commercial
  65. 'nikcuS: Produced
  66. 'nikcuS: Leftovers V
  67. The Mnemonic Devices: The Singles Collection (1996-2001)
  68. Rusty Spell: Live at the Thirsty Hippo
  69. Rusty Spell: Live at the Minimalist Conference
  70. Rusty Spell: Live at Tal's
  71. Tommy Burton: t*mmy burt*n
  72. Rusty Spell: Espresso Yourself, Don't Represso Yourself
  73. The Mnemonic Devices: Sparkling Objective Correlatives
  74. Rusty Spell: Live at Reedmeister's
  75. The Immaculate Conceptions: The Immaculate Conceptions
  76. Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 2
  77. Rusty Spell: Stick It Somewhere
  78. Rusty Spell: The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 3
  79. Love and Letters Music: Stick It Somewhere
  80. Rusty Spell: Plagiarism
  81. Rusty Spell: Loud Cymbals--18 Gospel Songs
  82. Radiant Radish: Somebody Spiked the Egg Nog
  83. Rusty Spell: I Can Write These Songs, Now My Folks Are Dead
  84. Wite Trazsh Bratts: Lost Innocence EP
  85. Tommy Burton: Viable College Market
  86. The Ka-9's: We Make Potions EP
  87. Rusty Spell: Live Shows Vol. 1 (Dec 2000-Nov 2001): He Said It Would Never Happen
  88. Rusty Spell: Charles Grodin
  89. Tommy Burton: So Much for Me
  90. Robert Brenton: The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger"
  91. Robert Brenton: Highlights from The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger"
  92. DJ Rus: DJ Rus
  93. Live at STUMF
  94. The Strawberry Explosion: "Then He Kissed Me"
  95. Love Chewed Off Its Leg EP
  96. The Strawberry Explosion: "Kissy, Kissy"
  97. The Strawberry Explosion: "Baby, Baby, Boo!"
  98. The Strawberry Explosion: "Christmas at Wartime"
  99. The Strawberry Explosion: "Boobalean"
  100. Rusty Spell: Plagiarism 2
  101. The Mnemonic Devices: Boys Can Be Pretty Too EP
  102. Rusty Spell: Live Shows Vol. 2 (Mar 2002-Apr 2004): Why I Never Do This, Why I Sometimes Do
  103. Rusty Spell: Age 20 to 30
  104. Love and Letters Music: Love and Letters 10
  105. The Strawberry Explosion: "My Humps"
  106. The Strawberry Explosion: "That Boy"
  107. Rusty Spell: Part of This Was Always Here (or: Remove That Hero's Jawbone)
  108. Rusty Spell: The Golem

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