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After a few years of rumors that Rusty Spell would record a children's album, he finally does so. Straying away from doing cover tunes (specifically of songs from "Mickey and the Beanstalk"), he came up with an album of originals, the kids' favorites focusing on boogers and poots, but also a few tunes for the kiddish adults out there.

Recording: 5 Aug-12 Aug 2000 by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg, MS. Cover Art and Design: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 36:43.

All vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, ukulele, and toy piano by Rusty Spell. All songs by Rusty Spell, lyrics and music written and adlibbed by him.

Lyrics * Liner Notes

"Names, sounds, cooties, numbers, greetings, ages, chipmunks, boogers, and sleepy time..."

  1. I See You -- Romper, Stomper, Bomper, and Boo. 1:48
  2. Sounds Like This -- What things sound like. 3:57
  3. Cooties -- Do they exist? 2:08
  4. What's Your Name? -- Traditional children's participation track. 2:01
  5. Number Love -- Numbers fall in love and have children. 2:11
  6. Hello Out There -- Greetings from robots, trash cans, etc. 2:50
  7. I'm Only 25 -- Stuck between childhood and adulthood. 4:20
  8. It's Hard To Be a Chipmunk -- The unexplored world of singing chipmunks. 3:11
  9. Kids Are the Same -- The kids these days... are the same. 1:59
  10. Boogers -- Kids like boogers and snot. 2:27
  11. Noises -- Fart noises, etc. :45
  12. The Boy Who Couldn't Fall Asleep -- A long, ukulele-driven story about the boy who couldn't sleep. 9:37

'nSProd-28 LLM-13 RS-8

Copyright (c) Aug 2000 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music