"Baby, Baby, Boo!"

written by Rusty Spell

Hey, little girlie, with the long brown hair,
Come over here, why don’t you? Don’t be scared.
You shouldn’t be here in the alleyway at night.
Some blokes about here might put you in a fright.
Hey, little sweetie, I’ll take care of you.
Don’t let them buggers jump out and say "Boo!"
I’ll put my arm around you, walk you to my home.
That way you won’t be out here alone.
And, darlin’, I’m scared and lonely too.
That’s why I wanna be with you.

This might sound awful, but I feel I should be runnin’.
You kinda scare me, but I feel like I’m your woman.
It’s like you hypnotized me, put me in a spell.
Well, if you did it, then you really did it well.
Are you a wizard or a werewolf, or what?
Cause I’m not easy. I am no one’s honey pot.
It’s just mysterious, the reason I am here,
Also the reason that I’m showing no fear.
Take me to your castle, or coffin, or tomb.
Just take me to your room.

Little lover, do you think I’m bad?
Like a mummy or a vampire bat?
I’m just a lonely soul, just like you.
You’re mistaken to think it’s voodoo.
Whatever, boo. Sure, we’ll go to my place.
Before we go, just look at my face.
Do I look like a demon or ghoul?
Is that the stuff they teach you now in school?
Sugar, I’m asking you not to be mean.
After all, it’s Halloween.

I’m sorry, honey. Yeah, I know I’m acting funny.
No matter what now, I will be your honey bunny.
If you’re a normal guy, I apologize,
But you’ve got those dark and evil eyes.
I guess I’m hoping that you’re something else, okay?
Everyday losers, they just bore me right away.
You’ve got a widow’s peak and shiny pointy teeth.
You seem like something special’s hidden underneath.
Baby, I don’t care what you are.
Now let’s get into your car.

Okay, I admit it. I’m a Dracula, my pet.
Oh good, will you bite my neck?
Okay, are you sure that you don’t mind?
Yes, love. I think that it would be divine.

And now we know what is in store:
You and me forevermore…

Copyright (c) Oct 2004 - Nov 2004 by The Strawberry Explosion and Love and Letters Music