Writings About Music, Never Music About Writing

Frederick Barthelme

The Mnemonic Devices review (Jan 1999)

Lori Burton

20th Century Literary Problem review (Oct 1996)

Tommy Burton

The Mnemonic Devices: All Albums Review (Sep 2000)
Rusty Spell: All Albums Review (Sep 2000)
The Mnemonic Devices: Sparkling Objective Correlatives (Apr 2002)

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

The Glory of the Strawberry Explosion Interview (Dec 2004)

Green Dreams Online

The Mnemonic Devices as Band of the Day (Nov 1999)

Clinton Kirby

WUSM Radio Interview (Jul 2000)

Gods of Music

Adam Mico reviews The Mnemonic Devices' "Make It Funky" (Oct 2002)


Kelly Bauman Reviews Rusty Spell and The Mnemonic Devices

Hunter Manasco

20th Century Literary Problem review (Jan 1999)

Modern Pea Pod

The Strawberry Explosion's "Baby Baby Boo!" appears on Halloween mix tape (Oct 2006) [ARTICLE LOST]

Peter J. Richards

It Takes a Village To Make Records Interview (Jan 2006)

Rusty Spell

A Musical Portrait (12 Jan 1999)
Rusty Spell Responds To All This Wasted Beauty (Sep 1999)
Rusty Spell Responds To Zooming In On Fractals (Feb 2001)
Rusty Spell Responds to Sparkling Objective Correlatives (Apr 2002)

Rusty Spell/Carrie Hoffman

Rusty Interviews Carrie / Carrie Interviews Rusty


Douglas Wolk: Soundfiles Review of Verfrumdungseffekt (Aug 1999)

Steph Tai

The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Vol. 1 review

Allen Wagner (Radiant Radish)

Radiant Radish Interview (Mar 2003)

Johnny Winters

Mailbox Interview (March 1996)
20th Century Literary Problem Interview (Oct 1996)
I Don't Remember Interview (May 1997)
Love and Letters Studios Interview (Jun 1998)
Midi Skirt Interview (Oct 1998)
The Mnemonic Devices Wag Article (Nov 1998)
Christmas Again Interview (Dec 1998)
indie rock credibility review (Feb 1999)
The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs Interview (Jul 2001, Jun 2002, Aug 2002)



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