Gen XY Post-Slacker Realization
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

My baby and me remember how we used to be. My baby and me remember it all. (Cause we're stylin' and stylin'...) She informed me the way it's gonna be. Three years in the middle: one, two, three. Ten years didn't last, but only three. The magic number seven didn't even be. (Yeah, we're stylin' and stylin'...) I pulled up into the gas station parking lot. There was a man that had a gun. There was a girl that had a gun. And the guy off to the side was pukin' his guts out. (And we were dyin' and dyin'...) Break it down. My baby had to ask me about this post slacker daze. "What we gonna do now now Gener X is dead?" (Are we dyin' and dyin' or have we been lyin' and lyin'?) I didn't know what to say... I held her hand, took her out, took her on top of the Ferris wheel to get some perspective. I looked around at the beautiful lights. Some things don't change. Can we grab onto the things that don't change? Fade away, fade away.

BMX Bandits
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

Put your hand on the gun...

The World Accordian To Spell
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

And I turned and, lo, there before me sat three accordians. Three accordians: one was black, one was white, and one was red. They were all Wurlitzers. And I couldn't play either of them... or the other one. And so I took them up three at a time with my two little arms and I played them three at a time, and I played with the switches, and I played with the little black buttons, and the accordian--the accordian won. And I put the accordian down and it smelled like it had been in a box for years, for years and years. And so I put the accordians down, and I never picked the accordians up again.

XXY Chromosomes

Give Me My Money

adlibbed by Rusty Spell

Liza. Oh, Liza. When are we going to Disney World? Cause it's a small, it's a small world after all. Liza, when are we going to sit in the drive-in movie? Swinging on a star, watching Spike Jonze on the big ol' movie? Oh, Liza. Liza.

The Tape Recorder

Space Toys
adlibbed by Lee Rozelle

He's touching the space toys. Gemini mission. Backwards, forwards, slo-mo, freeze frame. Stop touching the space toys. Don't touch those space toys.

Insomnia Drinking Song
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

Roh shindo hi.

Have a Nice Day
written by Rusty Spell

You and I were filled with nothing but worry. You and I were filled with nothing but pain. You and I, we kind of got in a hurry, afraid we'd both be left out in the rain. Have a nice day. Have a nice day.

You and I, we loved each other dearly, but when time ran out, we ran out with it, dear. Some folks think we always had it-well, nearly. Back away and you can see it real clear. Have a nice day. Have a nice day.

adlibbed by Rusty Spell

I don't care what you think, you son of a bitch.

Desperate Legs
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

Desperate legs, they're creeping through the hallway. They're wanting to be heard like the tears inside my bedroom. Desperate legs, though they creep so quiet, they want to wake somebody up. They want to start a riot. They want to start it now. The want to start it right. They want to start tonight.

Desperate legs, creeping through the hallway, waking me awake, stumbling in the kitchen. I know I hear your crawling. You want now to hear you. Well, I pretend I'm sleeping. Oh, I pretend I'm dying.

You open my door wide on the floor. Take some more of my time to think of you, my time to think of you creeping through my hallway, waking all the neighbors with your quiet little tragedy, with your quiet little tears.

The Sound of Emotion
written by Rusty Spell

I am in love with a girl. She thinks I sing really well. When I look at her she's smiling. When she's frowning is when I'm gone. The day we met we started loving, and nothing since has gone wrong. And I love her and she loves me.

Oh, but then she told me once that she thought I was dumb. And then there was another time she said I was pathetic. I don't know how to take her. I just know that sometimes I want to kill her.

Love. I love her so and she loves me.


Yellow Towell
adlibbed by Rusty Spell

In your yellow towel, lying on my couch, I could take a million pictures, but it would not be enough. No, it would not be enough, nearly enough for you in your yellow towel. And I miss you in your yellow towel. In your yellow towel, misspelling the word towel. And I love you in your yellow towel, and I love you no matter what you wear. Baby, I care for you, my dear, my dear Liza. I love you, my dear Liza. Sweet doll. Oh, how I love you, Liza. I love you, Liza.

Copyright (c) Jan 2000 by Rusty Spell and Love and Letters Music