The 5 Remaining Love Songs EP

Little Love Song
written by Rusty Spell

Twinkle, little baby, right before me. Let the magic of your eyes shine away. Flicker with the fire of the sun you stole one day. You brought it to me many years ago when I was in a desperate way. All love was gone and I had gone astray. Would you play with me, darling, in my clubhouse tonight? I’ll be man, you’ll be the woman. Behold the purest delight. If I take me far away, dear, to the woods under the trees, would you lie with me underneath the leaves? And if you take me to the ocean where the waves rush loud and cold, would you let the water whisk away our souls? Put your fingers around mine, love. We’ll hold hands a long time. It will make me realize that I’m so happy that you’re mine. But if you ever try to hurt me, it would kill my little life...

Copyright (c) Apr 1999 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music