The Mnemonic Devices:
100,000 Lightning Bugs

"Seven years of keyboard candy."

A greatest hits collection specifically created for digital download and streaming.  Twenty songs in eighty minutes.  Featuring several remixed songs.

Recording: 1998-2005, remixing Apr 2011, by Rusty Spell at Love and Letters Studios in Hattiesburg MS, Diamondhead MS, and Edinburg TX, and Liza Marshall in Austin TX. Cover art, photography, and design: Rusty Spell. Total Running Time: 78.17.

Vocals by Lori Burton, Kim Chinquee, Mindy Espey, Carrie Hoffman, Kristina Lucenko, Liza Marshall, T.O., Brittany Schafer, Tricia Sherrer, Rusty Spell, and Amy Wilkinson. Keyboard by Rusty Spell. Songs by Rusty Spell.

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Special Note: Humble Beginnings is by another group called The Mnemonic Devices. It's not ours.

1. My Ex-Boyfriend's House -- Ex-boyfriend's house is most comfortable place in the universe.
2. Teddy Ruxpin -- Grown-ups fall in love so deeply they become child-like.
3. Young James -- A Jehovah's Witness has his heart broken by an older woman.
4. Make It Funky -- Comfort battles Romance for domination. Remixed.
5. I Want You, Girl -- Obsessed man sings boy band music to woo. Remixed, new drums.
6. I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry I Cry -- A sad night at the end of the world.
7. Cherries -- Guy gets up the guts to ask girl to dance.
8. The Snake Charmer -- The power to charm snakes has never been so abundant.
9. There Is You -- World devastation pales in comparison to true love. Remixed, boosted vocals.
10. Hubba Hubba -- Sexy couple really likes each other.
11. Our Hurricane -- Hurricanes can be both literal and symbolic.
12. Oh But Why -- Woman prefers dream lover to waking lover.
13. Should I Talk Slower? -- Desperate lover has over-the-top reaction.
14. Poodle Skirt -- True love found through time travel.
15. Finally -- Multiple reincarnate finds love at the end of time. Remixed, boosted vocals.
16. I Know It's Not Me -- Man wants to know, doesn't want to know.
17. Nothing Like Me -- A hipster has sour grapes over her break-up with girlfriend. Remixed, new drums.
18. Just For You -- Abandonment leads to more extreme abandonment.
19. Sprite-Like -- The slipping away of a small moment.
20. Take It Higher -- A couple takes it higher than it's ever been before.

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Copyright (c) Apr 2011 - Dec 2012 by The Mnemonic Devices and Love and Letters Music